Moving on

If you want to be depressed go read the predictions in the right column at FiveThirtyEight.

Here’s my prediction: nothing changes. President and Senate are Democrat; House is Republican.

So, America. What exactly are we going to get out of that? I’ve often argued I don’t mind divided government, but where do we go from here?

For one, we get the full brunt of Obamacare. I remember rumblings over the last year that Democrats need to fix some things. Will there be enough cooperation to get it done? Will House Republicans win concessions here and there?

Of course, there is also the fiscal cliff. We ain’t got no money.

And then, taxes are about to increase for a number of Americans, especially the tax rates pertaining to investment returns.

I invite you all to step back and figure out where this bickering is going to land us. Especially when you consider nothing will be changing.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    If your prediction holds up I predict the Senate will turn Republican in 2014. Then there will be 67% gridlock rather than 33%.

  2. Looks like the making of another great book. Call it: “Depressed and Deadlocked – The Victory of Islam in America”.

  3. If anyone has seen 2016, you will want to move to Costa Rica. Let’s be real, Barack Obama is a Marxist. He has just found a way to make it look more palatable to the fickle American voter.

    I was driving the other day and I saw a big wooden sign on the highway that stated, “A taxpayer voting for Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders”

    I know others have probably used that before, but it’s true. Maybe that gives new meaning to FDR’s campaign slogan, a “chicken in every pot.”

    And to borrow a line from Ronald Reagan’s 1984 presidential re-election campaign, if Obama is re-elected in November, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

    It will get worse. Not better. Worse. A lot worse.

  4. Islamic Kenyan Marxist, Bean.

  5. Here are my predictions: Democrats win the house. Anyone who is watching downballot polls is noticing Democrats are surging on the generic ballot as well as in places no one ever imagined would be competitive – such as Michele Bachmann’s Minnesota district.

    California, Illinois, Ohio are our path to the majority as these states have multiple pickup opportunities. We need 25 to regain the house. I see about 20 where I think the D will pull it off.

    As for 2014, Democrat Mark Begich is in trouble obviously as Alaska is no friendly territory. But he’s popular. He will win. Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Kay Hagan (D-NC) will face difficult reelection. One would think that perhaps Mark Pryor (D-AR) would be scared but like West Virginia, Arkansas is a Red state with a blue core – there are no formidable Republican electeds to challenge him.

    Democrats will end up probably losing a seat or maybe two in 2014 but that’s a long ways away.

  6. And I know for a fact Democrats will pursue Immigration Reform, Minimum Wage increase (tied to inflation), and Campaign Finance reform. That’s if they flip the house, which I am predicting they will.

    Speaker Pelosi 4 Lyfe!

  7. Jeff Christensen says:

    So you tolerate the Marxist/Islamic/Kenya chatter here and want to be taken seriously?

    I thought you were smarter than that…

  8. Democrats win the house. Whoa.

    Another thing to keep in mind: Isn’t this is the first election with post census 2010 boundaries in play? If so, then some districts, like Bachmann’s, are going to shift if they were mapped to be more competitive. Others are going to stay stronger Republican as the D losses in 2010 meant stronger R influence when those maps were drawn.

  9. Jeff C., sometimes our small community is a little too small. In general, one gets to speak their mind here. And then, many times I read it as sarcasm – that was the case with the J. Strupp comment.

    Intelligence does not always have to influence opinion. Sometimes we just have fun.

  10. I see now, I was being baited by J. Strupp. I thought maybe he was one of me.

  11. Yes, I’m afraid we all do it from time to time, Mr. Bean.

  12. I’m not depressed.

  13. My predictions:

    Romney loses the popular vote but wins the electoral vote.

    Senate is 50-50, so Paul Ryan breaks any ties. Tommy gets his act together and winds up winning by 3 points.

    House stays comfortably Republican.

  14. Dear Ryan:

    If you are correct I will buy you a dinner at the restaurant of your choice.

    Oh, please. Let Ryan be right!

  15. Ryan, don’t quit your day job.

  16. Don’t worry Cindy, your dinner money is safe!

    There is every reason in the world to believe that Obama will lose big. And certainly ought to.

    There’s only one reason to know for sure that Obama will win: Romney.

    Where are the real candidates?

  17. ‘Splain me this to me Lucy.
    Wisconsin mattered not during the recall.
    Now, when you have some swing states still a toss up, but according to those ‘accurate’ polls Obama leads by as much as 14 points in WI and Baldwin leads by as much as 9, Obama spends an entire day in WI???
    Internal polls at the White House must be very, very different than what we see in print.

  18. Polls make assumptions about who will show up to vote as much as they do about how folks will vote when they show up.

    Obama won in 08 when 7% more of his folks voted than did those of the Republican candidate.

    Thus far all we’ve heard from Romney is the importance of the small entrepreneur. But that’s one giant step from the concerns of working class middle America.

    No matter what anyone says, the all important issue this fall is the economy. That’s jobs, return of the housing market, growth of individual investments and security of existing entitlements. If Romney does not convince his base that he is a dynamic problem solving visionary who intends to address those middle class issues to middle class standards, he’s toast!

    He needs a compelling, specific, comprehensive vision on fixing the economy for middle class folks, and he needs a fire-eating delivery to sell it.

    Nothing less will drag Mr. and Ms. America away from the tele to vote on a cold November night.

    Till then Obama remains the favorite even if no one really knows who he is!

    Pass me some seeds or nuts, will ya?

  19. An entire day. Wow.

  20. “He needs a compelling, specific, comprehensive vision on fixing the economy for middle class folks, and he needs a fire-eating delivery to sell it.”

    This involves abandoning trickle down economics. The problem isn’t Romney, it’s the very foundation he stands upon.

  21. Funny you mention those internal polls, bdad. Another friend said the same thing last week. But those public polls are so very much in his favor! It’s as though he could stop campaigning and actually work.

  22. Contrary to those here drinking the Obama/MSM Kool-Aid, I’d say his campaign’s agenda paints a much truer picture.

  23. This election is Romney’s to lose, not Obama’s to win. And only Mitt can steal the election from Mitt by failing to go after the prize as though it were a ‘Pearl of Great Price’.

    The guy has got to help the disenfranchised realize that the policies of the last four years have done it to them.

    And he cannot do that without rebuking most of what both parties have embraced!

    He needs to preach: “Change that means something better for you! Not the bankers and the brokers and the insurance men. And the fat cat ‘send the jobs overseas’ entrepreneurs too.”

    Something good for you!

    and he better start quick!

  24. I see it same as you do, Cindy, so I guess I have no prediction…. 🙂

  25. Well, the internal polls I have seen don’t paint any more of a rosy picture.

  26. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ve always wanted to see the internal polls. I thought the reason they were ‘internal’ is they were conducted for private parties, candidates, etc. If we in the public see the results, then they really aren’t ‘internal’ polls. Congrats on being an insider, Lorax.