Thinking in the bathtub

Because that’s where a girl does her best thinking!

Lots of stuff. Primarily:

1) Detente dinner tonight. Kind of nervous. Hope we don’t kill each other. Perhaps the ingestion of a million calories will prove soporific and everyone lives.

2) The Book rolls out for real next week. Lots still to do. First on the list is to panic about any potential mistakes.

So here’s the deal. Let me know. Nicely, please. If you disagree then disagree but don’t call it my mistake. If, however, you find a mistake, let me in on it. I tried and tried and tried and had people look through it and tried again, but it’s bound to have happened.

Honestly? That’s the advantage of an electronic edition. In 24 hours I can fix it. (And yes, I’m working on B&N and a print copy next week.)

Another disclaimer: I tried very hard to be accurate, but I did so without many direct interviews. If there are specific details that can be proven incorrect, I’ll be glad to correct them, but in every case I will be able to show the source.

One of the surprising things I learned in doing this book was just how varied a persona our Governor and his family have managed in the press over the years. There were several times absolute dates disagreed, and I have done my best to work out a timeline that fits. If it’s wrong, someone should let me know, but it’s going to take more than “I heard” to prove it.

Church, lots and lots of cooking. A little time cleaning up after myself, and then dinner with a new group who will hopefully let me leave intact.

Gosh, I sound terribly optimistic, huh? 😉


  1. Well, we didn’t kill each other….

    The book. Oh, no. I will read it. Tomorrow…