Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: A Fairly Conservative Perspective

The book is now available on

After a brief flurry of sales at the end of last week, it had even bumped as high as #2 in the category, but it’s nestled back down again. I’m counting on you to change that.

I’ll be working soon to manage a version for Barnes and Noble as well as figuring out a print copy.

I’m ok with the way this turned out. The first section is about Governor Scott Walker. I did my homework, but I also left out some of the odd rumors. You will find I wrapped up the college question well enough, and a clever reader will find insight not provided before. There was plenty I left out. So no, this isn’t a tell-all by any means.

The second section starts with the changes Walker began, covers the protests, and has some fun with the Supreme Court Justice race. The final section is about the gubernatorial recall.

Nick Schweitzer’s photos are great. Oh, and it all starts with a Foreword from our own BrkfldDad.

In addition to drawing a more complete picture of Walker, the book manages the last year and a half in a way the shows just what we went through. There are stories and stories out there, but no one place put it all together until now.

So do me a favor and buy it! And then do me another favor and leave a review on when you are finished.

Thanks you all. I’ve really enjoyed the support I’ve received on this project the last few months.


  1. Can I get this on my IPAD?

  2. Yes, with a Kindle app. 🙂 The pictures are beautiful on one.

  3. Wow, I did not know I could do that. Ok.

  4. Listen Mr. Bean. There’s a really good chance you can drive a car with that thing!

  5. I’ll have to read it on my computer, because my eReader is probably too old…