No Dog on the Roof

Here’s a new ad discussing President Obama’s voting record in Illinois as a state senator. The information is not new to this site but I believe it is an effective ad. It is not put out by Romney but by Susan B Anthony List. It is currently running here in Virginia.


  1. Oh, wow.

  2. The Lorax says:

    The acting is bad, but the message will resonate with some – unfortunately, those people are already voting for Romney.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    She’s not acting.


    It is one hell of a job and strain to work in a political campaign. I often wonder how many of you bloggers have really worked hard at the grass roots level to help a candidate for public office? FYI my participation is so expansive having been born and raised in Milwaukee that the list is never ending. it is one thing to blog in the comfort of your abode but it is another thing to go out in below zero weather and pass out literature and ring door bells. Or to be at a campaign office and lick stamps, make calls and put together signs. I know Cindy has but what about the others ?

  5. Dick, I’m not sure if you mean professional bloggers, which I am not, but yup, I have logged hundreds of hours on campaign work for candidates. Including personally screen-printing (in the olden days before the digital ease of imagery we now enjoy and employ) thousands of 2 color double-sided yard signs for a district attorney candiate. And I did the door-to-door stuff, created and delivered ads for local papers, walked in numerous parades. I have volunteered my time for candidates for over 30 years.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ve never worked someone else’s campaign running for local office. I did run in a special election ( someone died) for Planning Commissioner and filled out the term. Our regular elections are in November so that cold and snow don’t apply here.

    I did volunteer on John Warner’s campaign in 1978 and my biggest memory of that was meeting Elizabeth Taylor. She was stunning.

  7. Randy in Richmond, you are an ex Plan Commissioner? I’m not sure I would have let you blog here had I known that.

    (It’s a joke. The locals know I think Plan Commissioners are evil.)

  8. In other news, no big surprise, but it appears Hugo Chavez managed to steal another election.

    Seeing as exit polls had his opponent winning, I guess a 10% margin is understandable. Al Franken would be proud.

  9. Yep. The Chavez business makes me sad. I know someone from there who would love to see that man go.

  10. DICK STEINBERG says:

    RL. you paid your dues.

  11. Thanks, Dick, I appreciate that. Oh, and the DA candidate that was my first immersive campaign experience, he is now a circuit court judge. Good guys do prevail, sometimes, in the political game. 🙂