The latest presidential poll from PPP

The poll shows the race tightening in Wisconsin. They appeared to have collected opinions by what I consider to be a proper assortment in the state:

34% Democrats
33% Republicans
33% Independents

The poll has a decent margin of error at +/- 3.1%.

So when it says Obama leads in Wisconsin 49 to Romney’s 47, yes, I buy that. And yes, the numbers now fall within the margin of error.

Digging through the cross tabs (geek alert) I found this:

Romney has work to do with independents in this state before he wins it. I suspect some of that will come naturally as both candidates move to the middle of the bell curve in ideology before the election.

Oh, don’t groan. We’ve talked about it before. It happens every time. Candidates stay on the edges to win their base and then before you know it John Kerry is wearing blaze orange to go hunting and George W. Bush is showing up at a union rally.

Four weeks to go.


  1. Those independent voter splits seem hard to believe. Let’s see what happens when a polling agency that doesn’t have ties to SEIU and Daily Kos does a WI poll.

    Additionally, thought this blogger’s piece was worth reading:

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    What would be interesting is to know how many of those polled watched the debate. I know that’s not possible but it would be fun to know.

    And Question # 9’s results actually surprise me. A full 39% of those polled are not sure whether or not they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Big Bird.

    Cindy by far with the best Big Bird Tweet,

    Dems evidently don’t mind subsidizing millionaires as long as they dress up in funny costumes.”


    Cindy. very nice analysis. in my opinion the candidates are running out of things to say except to react to current events. Too bad for us that they are not preaching about the issues of crime, drugs, immigration, a military draft, obesity, texting in cars, farm subsidies and a renewal of the English language.In reality the independents like myself do not think any one candidate will do any different in domestic and foreign affair issues because they are driven by so many factors we do not even know about. Pork and graft will not go away unless we have term limits

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    You’re kidding right, Dick. Have you been following the foreign policy debacle that occured and is ongoing in Benghazi, Libya as well as that region of the world, including Iran, and the associated “Who’s on first” comedy from the Obama administration that has ensued?

    This will not have much effect on the election but long term this could become a huge black hole for the Obama administration. It could also become an iceberg in Hillary Clinton’s titanic voyage to the White House. There could not be a larger difference between the 2 candidates and their policies.


    Randy. 2 questions for you. 1. what should the USA do about the Iran situation? 2. do you believe in compulsory military or government service training ?

  6. How is either question germane to the fact that the Administration was repeatedly warned about trouble in Benghazi, declined to beef up security, then took nearly a month to get investigators to the embassy?

  7. BrkfldDad says:

    It’s a politician shuck and jive, ask new questions and avoid the issue addressed 🙂

  8. I suppose you’re right. I’m glad I volunteered my time to get him out of office in 2008, and keep it out this spring.


    reality check: don’t be bitter but there are many many factors that drive foreign affair policy which can change from day to day. if you cannot answer the Iran question you should read up on the attack of Pearl Harbor and the Bay of Pigs, and a summary of the Cold War. sometimes political beliefs are driven by lack of information and by accepting a single point of view. about the draft…………..yes or no. every citizen of Brookfield I speak with has an answer, most of them say “yes”.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Following AARP’s lead, PBS suddenly realized it’s not just the left that donates to its programming cause. They’ve asked the Dems to pull the plug on utilizing Big Bird in ads.

  11. My Neocon Friends,

    Two points. First, why are Paul Ryan’s supposed minions wearing ear plugs while he lectures them on economic life as we know it in his Congressional campaign ad: (I noticed this during Packer game ads, before anything on the Huffington Post appeared).

    Second, in a “Restore Our Future” ad, with their “new Normal” ad, if under President Obama, America is no longer the leader, and losing “economic competiveness” to that Socialistic, Collectivistic, Europe (6 out of 7 countries listed as more “economically competitive), according to Restore Our Future –a not so fairly Conservative Super PAC — in this ad, then why shouldn’t we try to emulate Europe? They take care of their poor, they have universal health care, their quality of life is rated categorically higher than ours, and apparently, according to your own super PAC, they’re kicking our butts economically — they’re far more “economically competitive — why would we want to waiver from their proven track record? Shouldn’t we abandon the Trickle Down Economics of Reagan, “dog-eat-dog”, rugged individualism forwarded by Romney/Ryan, and embrace the “Socialism” of Europe? According to “Restore Our Future”, the “New Normal”, Europe is besting us on every measure, economic and social. I’m ready to embrace their winning system.

  12. Randy in Richmond says:


    Those aren’t earplugs the employees are wearing. After being inserted into the ear, these devices allow the neocon mother ship to control the mind of the wearer(s) so they will agree with anything they hear. Just look at her face. It’s a wonderful form of mind control without actually using drugs or hypnotherapy. Another feature is that the information stays with the wearer for 30 days, such that when early voting commences in Wisconsin these wearers will go straight to their precincts and vote early for Ryan, twice.

    As to your 2nd point, in 2007-08-09 the United States was Number 1 atop the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Ratings Chart referred to in the ad.

  13. Ah gee Randy. Email when you do something like that, won’t you? I just spit coffee at my laptop screen.

    You are so funny sometimes.