President Obama is chicken

And a complete joke.

This advertisement for the Obama campaign is real, not a parody.


  1. Really? I thought it was hilarious, and brilliant. Who brings up PBS in a debate about the economy? Hi, I’m going to stop funding PBS, which isn’t even a rounding error in our budget… that’ll solve our problems!

    I especially love how he’ll reduce spending to 20% of GDP, while at the same time tying our military spending to a percentage of GDP… but it’ll all be deficit neutral somehow. 😉

  2. J. Strupp says:

    “Who brings up PBS in a debate about the economy?”

    Someone who can’t name one significant tax deduction he would eliminate to make his tax cuts deficit neutral.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    When you say significant, everything becomes subjective. But as a start Romney has suggested putting a cap on each taxpayer’s total amount of itemized deductions — including mortgage interest, state and local taxes, charitable contributions. That’s one.

  4. I especially liked the part of the debate where Mitt Romney said he’d fix ObamaCare using RomneyCare as a model, which was the model for ObamaCare.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s all they have. Here’s another one.

    Talk about desperation. And he needs a hug.

    Here is Mr. Hayes at work.


    as I have said over and over Romney will win, but not before the TV stations make a fortune on the political commercials. what a waste of money when the defining issues are about the lack of money. Thanx to the brilliance of Citizens United.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    I must have missed the part of the debate where Governor Romney said he’d “fix” Obamacare.

    I did catch his answer to Jim Lehrer when he asked Romney,

    “You want it repealed. You want the Affordable Care Act repealed. Why?”

    “I sure do,” Romney responded.

  8. Obama runs ads with Big Bird and finds time for an interview with Nickelodeon. He ignores jobs, Bibi, and Libya.

    You tell me who the adult in the room is.

  9. J. Strupp says:

    “Romney has suggested putting a cap on each taxpayer’s total amount of itemized deductions — including mortgage interest, state and local taxes, charitable contributions.”

    The carried interest loophole too, right?

    Seriously though, that’s great that Romney has suggested these deduction caps! Let’s get some more details and let the wonks run the numbers. See if they add up. I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about these suggestions in the next debate now that PBS is out of the way.

    Hopefully, Romney’s people will let Paul Ryan in on these base broadening suggestions so he doesn’t trip all over himself the next time Chris Wallace asks him seven different ways for more specifics regarding their tax plan.

  10. I heard briefly on CNBC that Children’s Television Workshop asked for the ad to be pulled. Anyone else heard anything?

    Edited: From Randy – Following AARP’s lead, PBS suddenly realized it’s not just the left that donates to it’s programming cause. They’ve asked the Dems to pull the plug on utilizing Big Bird in ads.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    Put that comment on wrong post–sorry.

  12. I seem to remember there was a politican a few years back… can’t remember who it is… anyway, the guy said something along the lines of “if you don’t have a record to run on, you make a big election about small things”.

    It’s really bugging me… does anyone remember who said that?

  13. Randy, I’m used to cleaning up after men. You are forgiven. 😉

    Ryan, you are sly like a fox. But I’ve always known that.

    Anyone else have an idea?

  14. DICK STEINBERG says:

    Again, Romney will win. some of the reasons are 1) race; 2) anti-voter rights laws; 3) US Supreme Court in Citizens United and corporations are people; 4) gay rights and don’t ask, don’t tell; 5) Eric Holder and his legal group; 6) absence of George W. Bush; 7) Arab world distrust; 8) nice guys don’t win; 9) Congress always says no; 10) the X factor.

  15. The Lorax says:

    The commercial is running on cable only, and on channels like Comedy Central. They spent hardly any money on it – sound and fury, as usual.

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    Thanks to the Dems for trying to make an issue of Big Bird, we now know that in 2010 Sesame Street netted $45 million in product licensing fees alone.

    I never knew that before.

    Doesn’t that make Big Bird a 1 percenter?

  17. BrkfldDad says:

    It does! The hypocrisy of the subsidies to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for support of private enterprise is evident.

    Did you see the dust up yesterday with the White House pushing the left stream media to counter the new found fact that Obama was an invited guest at the VP debate moderaror’s wedding in 1991. Of course the response is its not big deal, well then why the push to deflect before the story even breaks?

  18. Yes, and the guy who plays Big Bird makes $314,000 a year. That makes him one, too, I think.

  19. That reminds me of when our Brookfield Aldermen/plan commissioners attended the wedding of a certain developer’s son. Ooooh. I sure know how to make a big deal out of nothing. At least that’s what I was told at the time.

    Nothing is what that developer turned out to be worth in the end, but not before he won major favors from the plan commissioners for the privilege of make a mess out of certain places in Brookfield.

  20. “Romney has suggested putting a cap on each taxpayer’s total amount of itemized deductions — including mortgage interest, state and local taxes, charitable contributions.”

    As I read the transcript of the debate this evening, I didn’t see any details of the suggestions stated above. Too bad. Maybe next week.