The Thomas Peterffy advert: Freedom to Succeed

I had heard of this self-funded advertisement on Facebook yesterday. Today I saw it on CNBC when I was catching up on the market.

This should give you goosebumps. This should make you choke up. I hope once you watch it silly ideas fly through your head about the importance of acting on your beliefs.

It made me wonder: What if we each told, in this clear manner, why we are voting the way we will vote? I’m going to put some thought into that.

What I love most about this commercial is that he made it personal. He made it simple. And Peterffy is very, very effective. He came from a socialist environment and sees enough that worries him now to spend his money telling us about it.

Let me know what you think.


  1. The Lorax says:

    I appreciate his efforts here but Hungary wasn’t really socialist insofar as it had no working economy. It was just an authoritarian regime. They were pretty much Nazis (and that’s not hyperbole…) at first and then Stalinists.

    No one is advocating Stalinism or fascism. What is being proposed are social democratic policies that are proven to be popular, cost effective, and efficient.

    Until conservatives stop equating the two, there can be no real discussion.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    How many present countries are successful social democracies with a population over 20 million people? Sure, we all know about Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands whose populations are each under 20 million and most of them under 10 million.
    Without these countries your ‘provens’ have no validity.

    They also generally have a homogeneous race of people that tend to have similiar belief systems–and even this is slowly changing. In large, melting pot societies social democracies, when given a chance, have mostly been failures. Not to mention the obvious recent changes in Italy, Spain, Germany, and the failing economies of much of Europe.

    I do agree the two are different, but that doesn’t necessarily make either desirable.


    What is Ryan Inc. about ?

  4. We could argue that, Randy, yes. Still doesn’t change the fact that this ad is built on an incorrect assumption about the nature of Hungary’s government and economic model.


    There are people who came from elsewhere to accept the whole American package and then after some success tout their own views on what was in the package. Take it or leave it. For better or worse. Do your duty and act like a soldier.

  6. Shorter Steinberg:

    Shut up and sit down. Conform. Don’t think.

  7. If you read about this man after he bought his seat on the stock exchange and began his fortune, he worked to “cut out” the worker and automate the process for efficiency. So is THAT what he thinks is good for America? The man is one of the wealthiest people in the country and a hypocrite.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s great for America anytime business becomes more efficient and automated. That lowers prices and we all benefit. Exactly the type of person we need as President.

  9. I just saw this message on CNN and was deeply moved. We can dissect it any way we want, but the fact remains that this is a man who loves America. He wants to warn us of what he has experienced elsewhere and now fears is happening to us.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well put Carol.

  11. Chaye Cuevas says:

    It’s sad that the truth can only be seen through the eyes of someone not originally from this amazing country. God bless him for the true insight. Thank You.!.

  12. Of course you are a rich Republican! These are the people that Romney is protecting! You stand for everything Romney stands for, which is taking advantage of the middle class to take care of the rich….really?! give me a break!

  13. This ad is an insult . First off we are not Hungry in any stretch of the imagination. Second we are no more socialist now than we were 4, 8, or 12 years ago and to insinuate different is insulting. Finally I honor his success but the very fact that he can afford to run this ad with the misinformation he did speaks volumes about what he is. He is voting republican because he is Republican. Mr Peterffy, Americans are not lazy and we don’t want handouts but it seems you got a handout when you came here and if you don’t like it here or us leave.

  14. J. Strupp says:

    I’m hungry.

    Sorry, Mike. It was there.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    Is it okay to be a rich Democrat?

  16. So am I. I’m thinking barbecue tonight. Waiting for the youngest to get home from work so I can talk her into going out. 🙂

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    As the rain pounds away you gave me a good laugh, Strupp. 🙂

  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    Do ya’ll have the non-chain style barbecue place where they slice or chop the pork right in front of you with the aroma making one even hungrier? Love those places.

    You have to talk her into going out?

  19. Well, she has to show up first! And I can drive into the city for a couple of spots like that Randy, but in general, good barbecue is probably best left for next week when I go to OKC.

    Thai food, anyone?

  20. David Williams says:

    The public sees through your add. You are just
    A cranky old rich man who hopes the most
    Ignorant americans will vote the way your
    Misinformation guides them. Anyone else
    Want to offer Peter a diagnosis of dementia?

  21. David Williams says:

    Dear Thomas, I have ahunch that you are just
    A cranky old rich man. Have you been
    Tested for dementia? This is a very common problem these days. We see through your ad.

  22. Petereffy is just another rich guy voting for Romney. I get I
    Tired of scare tactics that we are creeping toward
    Socialism —like social security and Medicare
    Have been terrible for America

  23. David Williams — you are right about Mr. Petereffy

  24. Randy in Richmond says:

    There appears to be a theme here. Mr. Peterffy, a self-made rich guy, has endorsed and will vote for Gov. Romney.


    Yesterday, a by far much richer self-made guy, Mayor Bloomberg, endorsed and will vote for President Obama.

    Isn’t this fun?

  25. Randy in Richmond:

    Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, or how about just about every other modern western country in the world? Each of which is further left leaning then the USA and many doing better by any objective standard or other standard including quality of life, opportunity, healthcare, education, infant mortality, violent crime just to name a few.

    But the US is still #1 in obesity. #1 in belief in creationism. #1 in gun deaths. #1 armed forces in the world.

    And why put on an artificial population restriction? It’s harder to run a country with decent safety nets with smaller populations then with large ones, so no, don’t ignore Denmark, or Iceland, which had a huge bank problem but is doing fine now.

    The rest of the modern world keep expecting the Republican party to try to pray their way to fiscal responsibility. Or start making human sacrifices. They all sound bat crap crazy.

    It makes as much sense as anything else they have been doing, including Ryan’s and Romney’s magic budget that relies on goals without actual plans.

    America, the country where politicians can’t admit to problems but have to keep telling the electorate that they are the greatest country in the world. #1 in failing infrastructure in the western world. #1 in ignoring science.

  26. Does Socialism mean reasonable healthcare like every other modern country has?

    Rather then being sent away from emergency with colon cancer…

  27. Randy in Richmond says:

    England is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system. Canada is a part of this system. So is Australia. Each is described as a federal constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy. Germany is also a federal parliamentary republic. But socialism can exist in these systems to varying degrees as it can in the US.

    You seem to overlook who is in control here. In 2009-201o the Democrats controlled the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. In 2011-2012 the Republicans only controlled the House. To my knowledge Romney has been in control of zero. And most of your, let’s call them complaints, about the US, are not party specific.

    And whether you agree or not, as you say, at least Romney has a proposed budget. The current administration can’t even get it’s own party to agree on a budget.

    That human sacrifice idea may have some merit.

  28. Randy try learning how our government works because if you did you would know that there is NO budget because NO republican in the Senate would vote for it and you need 60 votes. Don’t make claims about what Obama hasn’t done when you don’t know WTF your talking about.

  29. So explain why Obama’s budget proposal went down in flames, 97-0.

    You’re a bigger idiot than Josh Strupp.

  30. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here is a link to a House of Representatives vote in March, 2012 on a budget proposed by President Obama.

    The vote was 414-0.

    Here is a link to a US Senate vote in May, 2012 on a Budget proposal by President Obama.

    The vote was 99-0, as Robert points out.

    I normally try to provide links when I use new or little known facts provided in comments or posts. As these votes are general knowledge to me and most who follow the political scene, I did not provide links to them in my previous comment.

    I’ve told Cindy before, I’m still learning this computer thing. I don’t know all the abreviations, so Mike, what does WTF stand for? Is it something unique to those who are left leaning when they make their point(s)?

  31. You are so cute, Randy from Richmond. I’m chuckling rather heartily in this corner.

  32. We’ve been on this obfuscation now for 3 years. The budget resolution simply establishes various budget totals, divides spending totals into functional categories-it does not authorize any spending this is done by completing the actual appropriation bills. Further, we have recently come to add vast sums to the debt outside of regular budget resolution as emergency budget supplementals; including Iraq, Afghanistan, hurricanes Katrina and Rita. If no budget resolution is passed the last BR is in effect.
    Neither our dysfunctional Congress or Pres. escape blame. However it looks to be a status qua election, so I guess We have met the enemy and he is us also

  33. Randy in Richmond says:

    Yes, there is a procedure that has been used for many years with all mixtures of political control in Congress.. The key to your comment Bill is the “now for 3 years”.

  34. Robert the President only submits a budget which is nothing more than a wish list or framework. Under our Constitution it is the job of Congress to pass a budget

    That vote: 97-0 against. Democrats didn’t support the plan because it has been supplanted by another deficit-reduction plan Obama had later outlined. Republican leaders demanded a vote on Obama’s budget to show that Democrats don’t support any detailed budget blueprint. Those votes are taken as a means of embarrassing the president and his party.

    So Robert instead of calling me an idiot learn how the process works.

  35. Fine, you are not an idiot. You’re a cultist idiot.

    There was a 60-vote majority in 2009, and yet no budget was passed. Your idol is nothing more than an incompetent, impotent empty suit.

    And you are still stupider than Josh Strupp. Quite an accomplishment.

  36. Robert Once again WRONG, Lieberman and Sanders are Independents and the democratic party doesn’t have sheep as members who unlike republicans. We can actually think for ourselves, you should try it sometime it is liberating.

    As for your insults I hold them as a badge of honor and consider the source.

  37. Mike said “Randy try learning how our government works because if you did you would know that there is NO budget because NO republican in the Senate would vote for it and you need 60 votes. Don’t make claims about what Obama hasn’t done when you don’t know WTF your talking about.”

    Mike, on the subject of the senate rules for passing a budget, you clearly don’t know that a cloture vote is not permitted (only a majority is needed to pass). Your statement was ruled False by Politifact. I won’t be rude and personally attack you…I’ll just share the link below.

  38. And once again, Mike is put back in his place.

    Latte venti, please Mikey. And make it snappy.

    Cultist idiot.

  39. Bondgirl I stand corrected but that does not change the fact that the 99-0 vote was called for to embarrass the president and his party after the President offered a different bill that included a deficit reduction plan not because the democrats didn’t support the presidents plan.

  40. Cite a source, or go fetch my latte, cultist idiot.

  41. Politifact has less credibility than you, Mike.

    Now go get my latte, cultist.