Wisconsin State Senate 2012

Right before a huge presidential debate is probably not the optimal time to be posting about this, but does anyone have any insight to offer on how the State Senate is shaping up?

The Republicans need to gain 1 seat to get control back.  My read is that Tom Tiffany (R) will likely win Jim Holperin’s (D) vacant seat in District 12.  Republicans also have takeover opportunities in the 18th (King) and 30th (Hansen) although those are much tougher.   The Democrats, meanwhile, don’t have any good opportunities for takeovers.

If that is correct we are likely headed back to a 17-16 Republican edge… hopefully 18-15 if one of those other 2 challengers can knock off an incumbent. Is that a reasonable conclusion?  Or does someone who knows more about this than me see it differently?  Are there polls out there for any of these races?


  1. There is a lot of quiet about these races, and part of me wonders if that’s on purpose.

    I expect R to manage their 18. That’s the way the districts were drawn. It shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Ryan Morgan says:

    I thought the districts were drawn to get 17 this time and 18 in 2 years when Wanggaard takes back his seat?

  3. Oooh. You may have me on that one, Ryan.

  4. I’m sure it will go to recount, but it appears that in the 18th district, Gudex (R) upset King (D) by about 600 votes. That combined with Tiffany (R) trouncing Sommer (D) in the 12th means we have an 18-15 state Senate.

    With the redrawn districts, Republicans have at least 1 more sure pickup in 2 years (Wanggaard), so looks like an all-R state government for as long as Walker can hang onto his governorship. But let’s not wait… let’s get some things done in Wisconsin this year. And let’s start with a mining bill.