“Where America is Going” by Barack Obama

This video is from “Recovery Summer” in 2010.

Here’s another Stimulus failure story. In Holland, Michigan a battery plant, LG Chem, that opened in July, 2010 to much fanfare and a groundbreaking attended by then Gov. Jennifer Granholm and President Obama. (As an aside the groundbreaking cost $533,000 on it’s own.) This time it’s another Federal Grant, paid by taxpayers, for $151 million.

And this company’s not declaring bankruptcy because it’s only spent $133 million of that grant so far. And how many batteries for any new car have been shipped thus far–zero. That’s right, none. But the employees are busy. They’re playing Monopoly, Texas hold-em, Sudoku, etc. to fill their work days. But all is not lost as many of the employees are also assisting a local animal shelter and Habitat for Humanity during their paid for by taxpayer hours of work.

Any guesses what will happen once the remaining $18 million is burned through?

Four More Years?

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