Anticipating tonight’s last presidential debate

1) Libya
2) Mexico, which lets Fast & Furious and immigration forward
3) Canada so we can talk about that pipeline and oil prices again
4) Russia (just give me a little leeway and I’ll promise you the moon kind of talk)
5) Iran, Israel and the possible kaboom of nukes

Did I miss anything?


  1. Things that won’t be talked about:

    – Libya… how we fought an illegal war there
    – Mexico… how the violence is caused by the War on Drugs (TM)
    – Canada… Blame Canada!
    – Russia… how we already won the Cold War but we want to pretend we didn’t for Pentagon Budget purposes
    – Iran, Israel… How Israel already has lots of nuclear bombs, and Iran knows this, so would never actually do anything that stupid, and how Israel has proven itself very capable of defending itself in its history. Also, how in the history of sanctions, they have never actually brought about the desired change, and yet any discussion of that is called “insane”.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    You must not have received the Dems talking point fax for
    today, Cindy. 🙂 The big line is, Obama has ended 2 wars that Ryan voted for and we can use that money back here in the states.

    Of course this directly conflicts with the “we paid for the wars on a credit card” claim that the Dems have used previously–which is true. Thus there really will not be any ‘more’ money for here in the states, unless Obama wants to go to the credit card again–if elected.


    Who speaks for the Moderates ?

  4. Hey, just remember you aren’t doing such a great job at it either, Dick.

    Party on.

  5. In reality there isn’t much substantive difference between the two candidates on foreign policy issues ever since Obama adopted Bush’s view on Gitmo and the use of drones. Expect the president who deplores using Libya for political gain to remind us that Bin Laden is dead, along with Gaddhafi (and GM is alive!). Romney will probably mostly attempt not to stumble. Foreign policy won’t swing many voters so don’t expect much of a bounce either way unless one of the candidates does or says something really stupid tonight, which isn’t out of the question.

  6. Yeah you missed Syria, as well as some Latin America Castro/Chavez question I think might pop up. And why isn’t China on your list?

  7. I guess because China just is. They’ve got us. We don’t like it, but life without China would implode the economy into a pile of dust.

  8. Oooh, I forgot about how Romney can use Gitmo to prove that Republican foreign policy is the policy that works – well, as well as foreign policy ever works, anyway.

    I wonder if this is one place where Romney can say what Obama inherited from Bush was really much more stable, albeit more expensive and nobody’s idea of fun, than what Obama promised and failed to deliver?

  9. Sorry Cindy… you’re going to have to explain your last comment in more detail. How does Gitmo prove Republican Foreign Policy works?

  10. “as well as foreign policy ever works, anyway.”

    Gitmo was this white silk flag Obama waived around in 2008 to get anti-war and very liberal voters to his side over the other Dem candidates. In the end, Obama couldn’t make the change. The Republican policy in place to provide a detainment camp must have been the best the country could do or Obama would have been able to successfully follow through on his promise to close it.

    Kindly remember this is not an argument as to the validity pro or con of Gitmo, my point is that Obama was wrong as could be about being able to effect change on the situation.

  11. Dick, moderates, are there any of those left?

    I think China is like the deficit; both sides think their plan will work, when in reality it won’t…

  12. J. Strupp says:

    Bin Laden being shot in the face.

    That’ll probably be in there somewhere.

  13. BrkfldDad says:

    Dean – moderates left? I thought they were center 🙂 Couldn’t resist.

    J. Strupp – I think any focus on Bin Laden will be met with an equally strong focus on Brian Terry. Will be very interesting to see how both candidates and their teams have prepped for this.

  14. And how Bin Laden being shot in the face proves that Al Qaeda is dead and gone and that’s how we knew that the Libya attacks were sparked by the video.


  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    I suspect Romney will stay away from bin Laden’s killing. Overall I think he will stay with the big picture and act Presidential–at least I hope so. No quibbling over the small stuff unless to make a quick point.

  16. BrkfldDad says:

    But I don’t expect Obama will stay away from Bin Laden’s killing…

  17. The fact that Obama wasn’t able to close Gitmo has nothing to do with it’s success or lack thereof. It has everything to do with the fact that Gitmo became a big case of NIMBY, just like a Nuclear Waste Disposal facility. All the Democrats wanted to close Gitmo, until they were asked whether they’d take them in their district.

    The perception of course was that Gitmo was full of terrorists, who if escaped, would cause calamity in the United States. The reality is that many of the detainees are actually not terrorists, and in fact many of them have so little evidence mounted against them, that it’s insulting. But once you get labeled as a terrorist and put in Gitmo, it’s too risky to let anyone go.

    Better safe than sorry… as long as you don’t have an issue with permanently jailing a person for the rest of their life without a trial and a fair hearing of the evidence.

  18. Effectiveness, Nick. Set your opinion aside and ask yourself, “Would this be a good topic to highlight Obama’s lack off effectiveness?”

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    The fact that Obama failed to close Gitmo shows that he–failed. He made a promise to get votes, and many voted for him because of what he promised. After being elected his first order of business was to promise it would be closed in one year.

    A prime example of symbolism over substance.

    Just like Obama saying I’ll cut our debt in half, I won’t use lobbyists in the White House, I’ll publish every bill for three days, our unemployment rate will be 5.3% today if his Stimulus Plan is passed (which it was), or 5.5% today if nothing is done, but based on the numbers used then, in 2009, with their participation rate used, it’s actually about 11% today–double what he said it would be.

    I could go on and on.

    Obama’s a failure-that’s Cindy’s point.

  20. DICK STEINBERG says:

    Oh yes, there is a very strong population of Moderates who are former republicans and democrats and are sick and tired of the radical agendas of the political parties. I personally know some of them and am one of them. it comes down to selling something that moderates don’t want to buy. some call it middle America or the independents.

  21. BfdDad LOL. Thanks for that.

    Dick, of course there are moderates still around. They’re the ones both sides are after.

    I expect this debate to be like the last one; lots of punches landing but no knock outs.

  22. Well, I’m about ready to put in a movie. Maybe Hogan’s Heroes or something.

  23. Tonight’s winner: Bob Schieffer. He’s EASILY the best moderator. The time is almost even. He’s kept the debate on pace, and he’s kept the candidates on topic.

  24. I’d give this debate 55/45 to Obama. I don’t think it will make much difference, though. Romney held his own in his weakest area. For the most part, both candidates stayed on the positive side on the CNN meter. IOW, no one made a big mistake.

  25. Randy in Richmond says:

    I pretty much agree KPOM, but with women I would have Romney ahead.

  26. Randy in Richmond says:

    Before tonight I had never heard of Lynn University.

  27. Randy in Richmond says:

    I believe the results of tonight’s debate may lower the unemployment rate to be released just prior to the election t0 7.5 %.

  28. Demonstrating once and for all, that Randy is NOT a woman: “but with women I would have Romney ahead.”

    EDIT: I’m just being playful, BTW.

  29. Feel free to take a hike if you don’t like it, Lorax. I’m sure nobody will care.

  30. Not sure how many people caught the debate with MNF and game 7 of the NLCS going on. Sounds like maybe a slight edge to Obama or toss up. If so, that should be enough for the President in two weeks. Guess we’ll see how it plays out.

  31. Dream on, Josh.

  32. It was pretty clear when watching this debate which side is very confident in their internal polling and which side thought they needed to attack more, hinting that they might be uneasy with the current trajectory of the election…..

  33. Randy in Richmond says:

    I thought Bob Schieffer did a good job as moderator.

  34. Obama was definitely more aggressive. I watched CNN because they had the trend line. Obama was consistently polling positive while Romney was mostly range bound around the center. CNN’s “snap poll” gave it to Obama but when it came to whether it made people more likely to vote for a candidate, it was 25% Romney, 24% Obama, 50% neither.

    Both candidates did what they wanted to do. Romney was never going to land a knockout blow on foreign policy since Obama is relatively popular on that front. However, he didn’t make a gaffe.

    So far, we are still on course for a close popular vote. Shift a few states 1% or so to the left (FL, CO, VA), and Obama can win an electoral landslide. Shift a few states 1-2% to the right, and Romney wins a squeaker (VA, OH, NH).

  35. Yes, the fact that Romney didn’t end the evening twisted with his foot in his mouth might just do it for him. Unlike J. Strupp, (I know. You are all gasping, “No! Really?”) I think the momentum stays with Romney as he did nothing to break it, and Obama has done nothing to overturn it.

  36. BrkfldDad says:

    Huge drop off in TV ratings for the debate. I don’t think anyone of consequence was interested anymore. For all intents and purposes, unless there’s a bombshell, I think this all comes down to enthusiasm and getting out the vote.

    Anyone want to start a pool on what Trump’s ‘big revelation’ on Obama tomorrow will be?

  37. I bet Trump comes out w/out a comb-over.

  38. DICK STEINBERG says:

    all in all both candidates as debaters are improving which proves nothing. What this election does prove is that the media and big money wins elections. sad!