Want more proof Wisconsin is a toss up?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will not be endorsing a candidate for either President or our Senate race.

I would interpret that as too close to call. As in too close not to endorse the obvious winner and thereby prove to have your finger on the pulse of your readers.

Interestingly, they could see where Wisconsin stood during the recall elections. But now they just don’t know.

Things that make you say hmmmm…


  1. With a local boy done good on the ticket? Odd indeed.

  2. Instead, they will do a retro edition and endorse Ronald Reagan for President and Bill Proxmire for U.S.Senate. The Green Sheet will also make an appearance too.

  3. Either that or the J-S figured out that nobody pays attention to endorsements. They have become too predictable anyway. The New York Times would endorse Mickey Mouse for President as long has he had a (D) after his name, and apart from their grandstanding in 2008, the Chicago Tribune would endorse him as long as he had (R) after his name.