The Romney crowd from Ohio last night

It takes a little time to load, so be patient. But it’s sooooo cool!

Hey, and do me a favor. I can’t get to it this weekend, but find real attendance numbers from these different rallies. I’ve noticed a tendency over the last few days for Obama’s reports to indicate “thousands.” Two “thousands?” I know his numbers are way down, but I would love specifics.

In fact, I think Ryan, our favorite man with a spreadsheet, should chart rally attendance numbers for both candidates in the past couple of weeks and then reveal a trend or two.

Is before dinner too tight for your schedule, Ryan? 😉 (That’s a wink. I’m kidding. Sort of. You know, cause it’s not like you’ll be getting a raise or anything for good performance.)


  1. I can’t tell. Is this one photoshopped like his other ones?

  2. Cindy, you have lost all credibility with me RE: crowd estimates. The only thing I would trust is that your (R) estimates are high, and your (D) estimates are low. Whatever happended to the “science” in your political science degree.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    According to West Chester Fire Chief Tony Goller the attendence was 30,000.

  4. jimspice – Did I estimate anything? No. Dweeb. Fight about something worthwhile or you just sound like a crybaby. (No, I’m not in a polite mood. It happens sometimes.)

  5. I was referring to your previous observations on the Milwaukee fesitival grounds, which I attended and you did not, yet you were the authority on the matter. If you can be so wrong about that one, I wonder what other observation skills you in which you are utterly lacking.

  6. Wow! … pretty big turnout. Imagine what it would have been had the featured entertainer been Ted Nugent instead of Kid Rock. 😉

  7. Well jimspice, I still got me some manners. And charm. So there.