A Picture is Worth – About 60,000 People

Here’s a photo of the political rally in Madison, Wisconsin with Bruce Springsteen.

Here’s another photo:

The top photo is from 2004 — it is a John Kerry rally which drew 80,000 people. Kerry won (corrected) Wisconsin. The other photo is from today’s rally with Obama and Springsteen. It speaks for itself. JS Online writes that today “there were thousands in attendance. (18,000 reported) They also mention that on October 4th an Obama rally drew 30,000 on the UW-Madison campus. That’s years ago in campaign time. Welcome back Bruce!

The MSM at work.


  1. Kerry won WI by 11.8k votes.

  2. Here’s a photo from today from reporter Jessica Arp showing that famous crowd control.


    Muskiego – thanks for that. 60,000 less for the gathering today in Madison and the Dem won by less than 12,000 in 2004.

    Things that make my heart go pitty-pat.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I believe Obama’s “voting is the best revenge” statement, though late in the campaign, will lose him votes on a scale as Kerry’s “I voted for the …before I voted against … it.” The campaign and the MSM are using quite a bit of ink and airtime to explain it away. It’s Bidenesque.

    And Romney is using it to his advantage in his speeches.

  4. I haven’t had the TV on in days. What are the last-minute advertisements?

  5. Tweeting now… @electionnighthq

  6. Polls close in about 35 minutes, and I’m still undecided.

  7. J. Strupp says:

    “I haven’t had the TV on in days. What are the last-minute advertisements?”

    Tammy Baldwin hates old people and children.

    Tommy Thompson voted for Hubert Humphery…. and he killed Jesus.

    $20 to whoever gets the movie reference.