An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Mr. Romney,

I have been a close follower of yours for the past 8 or so years and am grieving over the fact that America will never have the opportunity for you to be our president.  You would have been great.  You were exactly the right candidate for the time, but suffered the misfortune of having to go against a once-in-a-generation figurehead with great branding and an even better “get out the vote” effort.

While I am deeply saddened by this result, I wanted to say that even having never met you personally, you have touched my life in several ways, including:

1) Your example of respectfulness, regardless of the circumstance – Be it in promptly pulling out of the 2008 race when it was clear Sen. McCain was going to be the victor, always being gracious in victory in the 2012 primaries, or giving an (acknowledged even by the left) exceptionally classy concession speech amidst such bitter disappointment, examples of such class in all circumstances are exceedingly rare today.  Thank you for showing that good leaders remain humble in the best of times and gracious in the worst of times,

2) Your Faith in America speech – Simply put, the best American political speech since Reagan.  Your incredible love of country shines through every word.  I’ve listened to it many times and still get goosebumps from the closing story.

3) Your commitment to family –  The fact that you prioritize family so highly while having such a successful business career, being a governor, etc. challenges me to do the same.  I am indebted to you for your shining example.

4) Your spiritual wisdom – Even though we do not share the same theology, it is clear that you possess great spiritual wisdom that any religious person could benefit from.  I’m especially thinking of this excerpt from your commencement speech at Liberty University (which, sadly for America, is more relevant than ever):

“What we have, what we wish we had – ambitions fulfilled, ambitions disappointed … investments won, investments lost … elections won, elections lost – these things may occupy our attention, but they do not define us. And each of them is subject to the vagaries and serendipities of life. Our relationship with our Maker, however, depends on none of this. It is entirely in our control, for He is always at the door, and knocks for us. Our worldly successes cannot be guaranteed, but our ability to achieve spiritual success is entirely up to us, thanks to the grace of God. The best advice I know is to give those worldly things your best but never your all, reserving the ultimate hope for the only one who can grant it.”


As it happens, on Election Day, my wife and I were in the Catholic community of Ave Maria, FL.  Before leaving town, we stepped inside their church and prayed about the election.  As we were leaving, my wife noted the irony of “Protestants,  praying in a Catholic church, for a Mormon to win”.  Only in America.

While that request was unfulfilled, I pray now that your example continues to be an inspiration to myself and my fellow Americans.  If we could all live with the graciousness, wisdom, and love of country and family that you have demonstrated, America would be an immeasurably better place.



  1. Too many to list here but this partial list will maybe give you just a slice of why the right person one.
    Mormon cult.
    Tax returns.
    47%ers (aka those people).
    Well I think you get the picture. In his glass house he was perceived by the majority to be totally disconnected from the common man/woman. Should be interesting to see what pops up in the mid-terms.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Exactly how is rape tied to Mitt Romney, the subject of this post?

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here’s another partial list:

    Rev Jeremiah Wright (20 years)
    Property in Chicago/Tony Rezco
    College Records
    No Bain / no experience
    Guns and religion(aka those people) or
    Grandma Dunham – “a typical whitewoman” ,”bred with certain ideas”(aka those people)

  4. Responding to each, one by one:

    Mormon cult.
    I try to judge groups of people by their deeds more than their words. This is especially important in terms of religion, where every group has beliefs that seem funny to outsiders (God passed down 10 commandments to a man on a mountain top? God parted the sea to save certain people? A man who was God turned water to wine and resurrected from then dead an ascended into heaven?). From my experience, there are very few, if any groups that are kinder and have better values than Mormons.

    I never understood why this was a big deal. The Romneys put a dog in a kennel on the roof of a car so the dog could come with them on a family vacation. Romney even built a special wind-shield to make the ride more comfortable for the dog. If you wanted to raise the issue of treatment of man’s best friend, shouldn’t you focus on the candidate who actually ate dogs?

    No idea what you are talking about here.

    Tax returns.
    Romney released his most recent tax returns, which is what most presidential candidates have done. When the media wanted to know more, Romney also included some information about prior years tax returns… completely above and beyond what he had to do. The only thing in the returns that was shocking was how damn much money the Romneys have given to charity over the years.

    Yes, Romney has been very successful in life. I wish we had a president who was successful.

    After balancing the budget, Romney worked in a bi-partisan fashion to pass a bill tailored to the specific situation of his state (which was very wealthy and already had very low unemployment). If you don’t see how this is drastically different that while the nation is already broke, ramming through an enormous piece of legislation with 0 support from the other major party that is one size fits all and not tailored to the needs of any state, then I cannot help you.

    Yep, Romney worked for a company in the business of trying to reform broken companies. Sometimes their interventions failed and people lost their jobs (of course, they probably would have done so even if Bain didn’t exist). Other companies like Domino’s, Sports Authority, Sealy, Brookstone, etc. were saved and employ thousands of people. So what’s the problem here???

    47%ers (aka those people).

    This is the most reasonable attack. Romney absolutely should not have said that. There was a valid point in there about the moral damage that entitlements do to people’s morality…. once addicted to entitlements, they will vote to keep them. But the words definitely came out wrong.

    I do find it interesting that there was a portion of the video immediately after that Mother Jones cut out and never released. Makes me wonder if Romney might have apologized or amended his statement. I suppose we’ll never know.

  5. Ryan, the letter you wrote to Romney voices my sentiments exactly. How could so many of us be so blind as to how valuable his expertise and character could have been to the US of A right now? We will suffer the consequences of this election for years to come.

  6. Not as Liberal as I Seem says:

    I do believe that the “expertise and wisdom” Romney could have provided is a bit of a sham. His main problem was of course the 47%, his lying, his inability to stick to any one position, and the main killer was what the rest of the party was doing. The rape thing is relevant because the GOP became the party of rape this election, at least to women. The thing important to look at is, more than half the country is fed up with the gop for one reason or another. Whether its the failed economic policies for the past few decades… the whole “get rid of medicare” thing.. the scare tactics about the debt/deficit/china owning us (which are all completely baseless), the fact that taxes are at a historical low (yet all we hear is how we are taxed too much, however did we survive the clinton years!!!) and the fact that this entire economic mess was caused by republicans repealling parts of the Glass-Steagal act in the 90s. And just so you know… when Bush saw the storm that was coming.. HE IS THE ONE that loosened requirements for entitlements, and even requested that people take them if they need them. I will agree that Obama kept them, but please… Obama is not the evil commie conservatives make him out to be. He is a blue dog democrat. Not the shining example of liberalism the left wants him to be, and the right accuse him of being. I just want to say, nothing will change, or would have changed if Romney won.

  7. “Protestants, praying in a Catholic church, for a Mormon to win”