The DOW opened below 13,000

Dude. (Or dudette as the case may be.)

Ooopsey doodle. Today closed at 12,811.


  1. You’d think the utter failure of the pre-Tuesday prognostications in these here parts would dissuade you from even attempting to attach meaning to numbers of any sort for at LEAST a week.

    Why not thank a gift horse and buy buy buy since the DOW has dipped below 6, 12 and 24 month moving average trend lines.

  2. I have been waiting for this post for 2 days, Cindy. Thank you for finally making my day!

  3. Since we’re picking random dates in history, let’s start here:

    So the stock market performed well under Obama’s first term. Eh, I suppose it was inevitable after the market (and world) imploded in 2007-08 so I guess this isn’t surprising. The thing I find interesting is that it performed well with a Kenyan, Muslim Marxist in charge. Plus, people all over the world have been running to the U.S., full faith and credit at the same time.

    Sure seems like a bad play to me, considering what you guys keep telling me about this guy.

  4. Come on Cindy, that’s just unfair. There is at least 1 category of stock that has done exceptionally well the last 2 days.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree with Strupp. The market has shown it’s
    resiliency and ability to go through it’s normal cycles in spite of an inept administration whose collection of economic and socioeconomic results need not be listed here again. An ineffective employee who is not fired is still — an ineffective employee. Allowing him/her to remain in their position changes not the spots that define them.

    Remember, the Obama administation’s brightest and best said in 2009 that if nothing was done to the economy that by today, November 2012, our unemployment rate would be about 5.5%. Thus, based on their own projection this administration has created an increase of about 2.3% unemployment, or in actuality, prevented a 2.3% drop in unemployment, with their policies.

    So I agree with Strupp. In spite of this ineffectual leadership, the market is doing okay. If the measure of a President is how the DOW is performing, President Obama has been a success. It’s undeniable.

  6. You’re welcome Mr. Strupp!

    jimspice – put an order in prior to the president’s speech this morning. I don’t see how Republicans successfully hold down anything that man wants, and when he gets his way, the market responds. For a while, anyway. Plus, the technicals for VOO, what I trade, looked about right. It just executed at $63.00. And Boehner looks like he could cry at any minute every time I see him, and I think that means he knows he’s caving soon.

    Keep in mind, on September 12, 2012 the S&P was 1,436.56. QE3 was announced September 13th bouncing it to 1,465.77, which was the high for the last couple of months. Yesterday closed at 1,377.51. QE3 did nothing but print money. I missed the QE3 bounce as I was busy with something and don’t trade when I can’t watch it daily.

  7. Well, Cindy, if you read VOO’s chart like you read global temperature charts, you’d assume that all earning has stopped since the last 3 months have been trending downward, right?

  8. jimspice – yes the climate is changing. If there’s accurate data one might even find temperatures rising. The fact that the “hockey stick” was faked did nothing for the global warming dancers.

    Did you see where climate change was to blame for the end of the Mayan civilization? It caused a “population collapse in the context of an extended drought between 1020 and 1100 C.E.

    I bet it was totally due to all those altar sacrifices. Too much carbon being burned. Yeah. That’s it.

  9. Cindy, it always depresses me when you say inane things regarding science and/or stats, as it calls into question the value of our common program and degree.

    The “hockey stick” was not faked, as you, familiar with applying statistical corrections to a data set, should know.

    And RE: Mayans, pointing out that the earth had warmed previously does not mean a NEW factor could not influence global temp. That would be like suggesting the abolishing of poll taxes could have no influence on minority turnout since minority turnout had increased after the voting rights act.

    And no, altar fires wouldn’t add to warming as it’s just circulating carbon that is in the bio-sphere already, not re-introducing carbon that had been safely sequestered underground for millions of years. In fact, the particulate matter in the smoke would actually have a cooling influence.

  10. I am satisfied in my victory, jimspice. Have a good Saturday night. 😉