Not ‘Who’s on First’ but ‘Who’s in Charge’

I’m confused. It is being reported that in late October the FBI concluded that the affair between David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell offered no threat to US national security. Yet yesterday the FBI entered Broadwell’s home, took pictures and left with several boxes of whatever. Why is the FBI still investigating Paula Broadwell if they have concluded there was no security breach?

Also,¬†Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (¬†Petraeus’s boss) was not notified until 5pm on election day of the FBI investigation into the head man at the CIA.

And the title of Broadwell’s book on Petraeus which begins with ..” All In“…has risen from 126,995 to 111 overall on Amazon’s list. I can’t wait until the movie comes out.


  1. If I were her, I’d demand to see the warrants and subpoenas and sue the crap out of them.

  2. At least one report I saw, she voluntarily allowed them to enter, hard to sue for that.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Dad is right Nick, Broadwell’s attorney gave them permission.

    And watch the timeline on this deal–let’s just say it’s flexible.

    And of course, there’s that “shirtless” FBI Agent. Sorry, but you gotta love this stuff.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Two appointment balloons were floated today for the new Obama administration. First is the appointment of UN Ambassador Susan Rice to be Secretary of State. Her September 16, 2012 performance on the 5 networks has assured that she will be probably not get past the cloture vote in the Senate. I predict she”ll get a White House appointment, probably as an advisor.

    The other balloon is Sen. John Kerry for Secretary of Defense. I would suggest Republicans in the Senate support him if he appears before them by simply asking him to bring the medals he was awarded for his service with him to the hearing. If he wants to lead the Department of Defense I’m sure he would have no problem displaying his medals to the Senate and the American people. A simple request.

  5. That’s interesting. The whole thing shows a gross overreach, that that amount of money and resources was spent by the FBI investigating something which is not illegal. Moreover that they were able to get as many records on these people, and find out as much as they did through searching emails for something that is not illegal.

    However… the stupidity is with Broadwell’s lawyer for allowing them access. She should fire her lawyer immediately.

  6. I think the conventional wisdom is that there was some fear of a national security breach and/or a potential of Petraeus being some sort of victim. I don’t think the investigation is and/or was necessarily into the adultery itself.

  7. @Randy, appointing John Kerry would give Scott Brown a chance to run for Senate again. He just might win. I think that the people in Massachusetts didn’t so much vote against Scott Brown as they voted for Elizabeth Warren. Scott Brown is fairly popular for a Republican, and since control of the Senate wouldn’t be at stake, they just might vote him back in.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    I expect you are right KPOM but I assume the Dems know this too. It is an interesting point we can watch for.