All of the above

I sent around an email last week asking a few friends and readers what I’m supposed to do with my life post-election. It’s so much easier to crowd source my life than my a decision on my own, you see.

It really didn’t surprise me that the answers came back with pretty much “all of the above.”

1) Keep FC going.
2) Start a new WI blog that argues points left, right, and center.
3) Finally start that travel blog I’ve harped about for years.
4) Help new writers market and web design.

I’ve decided to drop the fourth. You see, even I know I can’t really do it all.

The first three might fit together nicely, though. I’ve kept A Very Small Publishing Empire, LLC for more than a year now, and maybe it’s time to actually make a business of the venture. That’s where you might come into this picture…

Randy and Ryan have provided really solid content for FC for a while now. A few others have bounced in and out as time permits. Would you be more likely to write, and more specifically write assigned topics, if there was a stipend attached to the piece? Yes, I’m thinking about making that jump.

Comment below or email me if you are interested. Also include the topics you’d find most enjoyable. Finally, let me know what kind of money would float your fingers across a keyboard.


–Cindy (the reluctant entrepreneur)


  1. Someone more seasoned in this venue could perhaps explain, but I don’t understand how starting a second blog would be beneficial. I think your commentary section provides readers with all views. I don’t see the advantage and am concerned it will negatively impact the flow of FC. Focus on marketing FC in new or more aggressive ways, I suggest, instead. Yes to the travel blog site. That is authentic to you and different enough from FC that a new readership could be developed. Two things to focus on are plenty.

  2. Given the lack of response re: help, yep. I think you might be on to something, RL.