True confessions of a blogging bum

That would be me.

I ran away. There are a couple of posts coming down the pike, but please don’t hold your breath. You’ll turn blue and maybe pass out and then I’d feel guilty. Well not really. I’d probably actually think you were awfully stupid to hold your breath waiting for a blog post from me.


Someone new is thinking of catching the blogging bug. As per my usual method of operation, this is another man I met on the internet. 😉 I do have the privilege of knowing his whole name, though, but we haven’t decided if he’ll use it here. And, he’s not from around Wisconsin.

He sure makes me look smart for asking him to write here, though. Except that his work is so good it really kind of makes me look lazy. Which I am. But this week I’m giving myself a break because I’m on a little vacation to the place where cacti grow arms and when the mountain turns pink it’s time for a drink. The spouse is napping beside me right now, so technically he’s even more lazy. At least I’m here telling you I’m lazy.

I hear it’s been warm back home, too. Hope you all are enjoying it.