Vos and Litjens rumor


Perhaps some folks celebrated the recall results with more enthusiasm than others?

For what it’s worth, I do know Recess Supervisor is an employee well connected in our state’s government, where the rumors have evidently been much more fun than the fiscal cliff watch the rest of us enjoyed.



  1. Couldn’t POSSIBLY be true. They are both good, God-fearing (R)s!

  2. Ryan Gruber is not a state employee. He does not reside in the State of Wisconsin.

  3. Former I suppose? I remember him mentioning he was in the pension system. I guess I didn’t think of “former” at the time, but it would work. And connected? Yes, he is.

    Besides, I like more of what the RS says than not, and I have a secret hate on him (that he doesn’t even know about, but it’s long in the past, so I’ll let it go), and as a reader you always, always get to know where he stands.

    That’s often hard to come by around these parts.

  4. BTW hits are ramping up on this one. And judging by the source of the traffic, I’ll be called crazy, or ridiculous, a girl, or a hack, or something soon. And then we’ll all know the rumor must be true.

    But I’m willing to wait and see.

  5. Oh my, but this is old news. Same as Sen. Fitzie and Judi. Really, Cindy, get your head out of the sand, the clouds or wherever you keep it and get caught up with the times. These are your people.

  6. Yeah, it’s really not. It’s been talked about for ages, including over on Chris’ blog in the comments back in September (and that’s just one instance, I’m sure there are plenty of others if one cares to troll for them, which I do not).

    And Robert is correct, I haven’t been a resident of Wisconsin nor an employee of the State of Wisconsin since June of 2005, save for the period I worked in Spain when I reestablished a presence in Wisconsin for the purpose of voting in federal elections. Where does the time go?!?!

    Anyway, I just thought the autocomplete stuff with Michelle’s name was too good not to share.

  7. Hey Cindy, can you delete 6, the comment awaiting moderation? Originally it wasn’t showing as having submitted and it’s redundant at this point. Thanks!

  8. RC – I’d seen that in the middle of the night (yea middle age!) and was going to let you know it had been snagged by the spam filter. Must not have liked the link to Capper.

    My head in the clouds, my head in the sand – Good thing wherever my head might be I wasn’t holding my breath waiting for Liebenthal to be nice in 2013.

    And someone nail this rumor down! It’s very curious stuff given the cast. I know a couple of people are screaming it’s old news, but the idea of a pregnancy is certainly a development. It would be nice to put the pieces together if Vos is involved.

    BTW, I’m simply curious from the political perspective, I’m not going to judge. That was one of the beautiful things about turning 50. You wake up a couple of days later and very little bugs you anymore about what other people do.

  9. I blame gay marriage

  10. I blame cigar smoking.