Maryann Sumi does not run for Supreme Court

The paper work is in. There will be a primary for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race as Marquette Law Professor Edward Fallone and some guy described as a “lemon law lawyer” Vince Megna have also filed.

The final vote is April 2.

Not to jinx anything, but I’m betting incumbent Pat Roggensack is going to be just fine, no matter how loudly the left in this state screams. Fascinating, though, as I talk to various insiders about this race. Some claim she’s no fun to be with, other swear she’s great and keeps the right together on the court. It’s unusual to have such mixed reviews about someone who has served in the spot for a while.

And that means it’s time for Wisconsin’s legislature to get to work. I know the Governor wants mining so he can claim the jobs, but you know what? His jobs promise was stupid, and he’ll do this state a great favor by letting it go now instead of chasing a dream that will never materialize.

How about going back and buttoning down Voter ID since the old law is stuck in a court somewhere. I’d like that. You could also follow through on the current law that lets you retire Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson. (You know. Just a couple of ideas.)

One last personal note: Blast I wish I hadn’t been redistricted. The primary for the 98th Assembly district is weak. From

…five GOP candidates have filed nomination papers. They are: Jeanne Tarantino, former chief of staff for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch; Pewaukee Police Chief Ed Baumann; small business owner Adam Neylon; Marquette University student Matt Morzy; and Pewaukee resident Todd Greenwald.

My money has to be on Jeanne Tarantino, though I’ve never heard of her before. Insiders tend to take care of their own. And you know what? I’d love having a woman in the seat. (Yes, that was a discriminatory statement on my part.)

But I still get to sulk through my first cup of coffee. Gee that would have been fun.


  1. Fallone’s a great candidate, as is Roggensack. I suspect everyone can be grateful that Sumi thought better of a candidacy. It’d be nice if this race could be kept out of the mud. I’m pretty sure the candidates will succeed in that regard but I’m also pretty sure that they’re going to get outspent by other interested parties.

  2. What makes Fallone a great candidate?

  3. what makes roggensack a great candidate

  4. Since when do you have to live in The Assembly Seat you run for?

    Lots of bad examples on both sides of the Isle on That!

  5. Jeff – she’s the incumbent and she rules the way I like. (You asked.)

    Hans – Blasted good point. I supposed if I really wanted the job, I could have paid a little more attention prior to the filing deadline.

  6. Thats fair…i personally want someone who will follow the law not a party…

    however i think with this supreme court…being an incumbent shows why she should NOT be elected

  7. Jeff Simpson, at least have the balls to explain it’s because she doesn’t rule the way you like!