Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs

For your morning viewing pleasure:

Just substitute “jobs” for “spam” and consider this the new Wisconsin legislature’s agenda for a few weeks.

More later, but I was catching up on some reading, and this Monty Python skit was all I could bring to mind after reading the start of the Dem rebuttal to the Walker agenda.

I love Monty Python. They still make SNL look like rank amateurs.


  1. Yes, please do keep us apprised of the legislation introduced and its potential impact on jobs.

  2. Didn’t Hulsey vote against the mining bill that the DNR approved last session?

  3. A wee bit more context, please.

  4. There’s nothing besides procedural junk on the board yet, but I’ve heard rumor of downsizing the MilCo Board and restricting access to the gallery. Yep, jobs, jobs, jobs.

  5. I predict that the Milwaukee County Board will be underemployed in a matter of months. And rightfully so. So, they will be looking for jobs. Thankfully, Wisconsin has plenty of banks, Walgreens, and Walmarts. I know they have plenty of jobs to fill at 29.5 hours a week. Yeah, welcome to our new economy.