Sick day

I woke up with my annual it’s-January-so-you-need-to-have-an-ear-infection prize. Since it does happen every year, I think it has to do with just how long my sinuses can survive the forced-air heater in the house. I haven’t had a cold or anything.

FYI to those of you in on the Facebook “Should Cindy get a flu shot question,” the answer was no, as technically I’m sick. And oh, by the way, the clinic was out of the vaccine.

I’m going to work a little on that other website after I nap. And then I’m going to read. And then I’m going to nap again.

There’s not a lot out there for the state. Nationally there’s a rumble about Obama being king and taking away guns, but I haven’t delved into that today.

Oh, which reminds me: anyone want to schedule shooting classes at Fletchers with me? It’s on my list.



  1. You, too. Well, mine’s just a cold. And I had the flu shot…

    Nap. I may nap too.

  2. Feel better! And not to a flu shot. I never, ever do those. I do dose up on D3 though.

  3. Scott Berg says:

    I think Bob Landis still teaches at Fletcher’s and he’s excellent! Plus the owner is a retreaded software guy, so you know the place has to be good.

  4. You have no idea how it delights me that you still read Mr. Berg.

  5. Well I’m scheduled with Robert (who may well be Bob and I just don’t know it yet) for the 23rd.

    I’m pleased. I haven’t handled a gun for years and am glad to be accomplishing something on this years’ list so early.