The Golden Guernsey saga

So you’ve heard about Golden Guernsey, right?

Golden Guernsey (yes, the web site is still up as though nothing is wrong!) was bought Dean Foods in 2009. Even then it was written that, “… even with the cooperative’s size, it has become difficult for it to meet the needs of retailers that want one milk supplier for a large region or the entire nation.”

In an anti-trust settlement, Dean Foods was forced to sell Golden Guernsey. The suit was brought by the State of Wisconsin, the U.S. Department of Justice and the States of Illinois and Michigan.

It was bought by OpenGate Capital, a venture capitalist company in California, last September. They ran it for awhile before closing last Saturday and declaring Wednesday that Golden Guernsey was filing for bankruptcy.

So distributors were scrambling last week to find sources for milk that they could use to fill their orders.  The place where I work bought milk from Golden Guernsey, and when their distributor delivered the milk Wednesday, lo and behold, he delivered milk from Dean Foods.

The state is investigating and a suit is pending.

You can’t make this up!

So what exactly did the Department of Justice accomplish?

And right after I posted, I found this in-depth story.


  1. More expensive milk for all!

  2. deaninwaukesha says:

    Hear! Hear!

  3. A milkman came to my house when I was a little boy. His name was Clem. Nice guy. Pretty old at the time. I’m guessing he’s about 115 or so years old by now.

  4. Well, I am against 19 unconstitutional executive orders infringing on our 2nd amendment rights that President Obama is preparing. It is definitely grounds for impeachment. Milk is just not a sexy topic anymore.

  5. Mr. Bean-
    I am working on a contribution that will be posted (Cindy, please note) later this week that touches on the issue. Please look for it. Thanks.

  6. Thanks MAPPhD. I saw it come out yesterday, and understand there will be an 11:45 “guns event” with Obama, but I’m not worried. He plans to enforce laws already in place.

    Isn’t that why we have laws?

    All of this is head bobbing keeps him from having to talk about his lack of a budget prior to the inauguration or state of the union – both of which will be remarkably ignored.

    I sure hope his ego can take it.