And now we wait.

Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address was last night.

Here’s the text.

To be honest, I didn’t watch it, and I probably won’t, and for some reason this day packed itself full of housewifery and I haven’t had a chance to read it either. But I have read the comments, and the silly rebuttals, and I find nothing. I will go back and read between the lines using my special Cindy-wrote-a-book-and-figured-out-some-of-this-stuff glasses. I’ll let you know if anything bubbles to the top.

Also a surprise yesterday was the arrest of a young man with a Molotov cocktail in his backpack. They evacuated part of the Capitol and charges are pending, but it is Dane County. They’ll probably award him a medal and send him home with extra cash for his effort.

Media Trackers has the best take on the creature with bottles in his backpack, including the photo below with Senator Tammy Baldwin.

I mean that makes you proud, doesn’t it?

I know Wisconsin could use a few minutes off from crazy politics, but I just don’t see it in our future for a couple of years. Perhaps its wishful thinking on my part. If Governor Walker loses his opportunity to finish what he started (and put us all through) I’ll be one ticked off voter in 2014.


  1. Anonymous says:

    “If Governor Walker loses his opportunity to finish what he started (and put us all through) I’ll be one ticked off voter in 2014.”

    Yeah. I can see the headline now:

    Noncontributing Member of Society Pissed!

  2. Anonymous – I’ll have you know I’m a contributing member of society. I even put my carts in the cart corral at store parking lots.

    And yoohoo. Not to rub it in, but I thought it was cool to be a non-contributing-member-of-society-type voter. Maybe I can sell my vote for a pack of cigarettes someday.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I ‘ve always considered commenters who can’t even take the energy to dream up a faux name to be non-contributing.

  4. What make you think Walker isn’t going to be re-elected in 2014? He fought back a recall 7 months ago with even more votes than he got in 2010, and it was in a high profile year that saw a large increase in turnout among Democrats. Unless 2014 winds up being a wave election for Democrats, I don’t see Walker losing.

  5. I think you are right KPOM, but if Walker picks his nose this year, I am not obligated to be impressed.

  6. im sorry, I hate to pick on typos, but did you really say “mediatrackkkers has the best take on this issue”?

  7. Jeff, shove it. I’m in no mood this morning to put up with your bs.