Home on the range.

Well that was fun. Fifteen rounds. Ten with a Ruger SR 22 and five with a Taurus 2″ snubnose revolver. One of the 38 spl rounds hit the target holder, but two were in the bullseye (lower right) and one in the second circle at 6 o’clock; the other at 12 o’clock in the white.

The 22 was very easy to handle. I actually had three near the x as I hit one hole twice. Only one of the ten was outside the black.

The instructor kept shaking his head. I’m never quite sure what that means.



  1. Way to go cowgirl.

  2. I need lessons.

  3. Robert (Bob) at Fletcher Arms in Waukesha. The man is a walking legend, and he’s also very good at explaining why you do that particular thing. (I have to have that component for my brain to process anything.)

    If you call the range they’ll give you his number.

  4. This does not surprise me, at all, Annie O.

  5. Agreed. I was having a slight problem with my grip on the Bersa .40. I talked to him on the phone, followed his advice, and now am even MORE accurate with it. Love Fletcher’s as well. Nice shootin’! In fact, was there today. Fired 75 rounds. 72 kills, 2 seriously effed up, 1 miss. I pulled it left.

  6. Scott Berg says:

    Glad Bob worked out. I found him very helpful.