Stuff I should probably get to today

Except I have things to get done!

1) The transportation report that wants to raise taxes really isn’t going anywhere but everyone gets all excited anyway.

a) MacIver Institute report.

b) Members of that Transportation Finance and Policy Commission. I.e., the detail removed from all they hysterical responses. Listen, Wisconsin. When you see former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz on any list, you assume the impotence of the report with the current Wisconsin leadership. Save the hysteria for something that counts.

2) Obama’s on Fire. Or a Liar. I guess it depends on your particular perspective. Here’s the inaugural version from Alicia Keys. Here’s the Joe Pags version that made me giggle this morning.

Obama’s a liar, but he’s our liar for another four years. Yeehaw. And all that.

3) I’ve got maybe 20 links for content I’ve been meaning to share, but I also have laundry to get done. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. That Alicia Keys video is funnier. Seriously, that’s a song? Sounds like the words to a high school cheer.