Watching the Wisconsin legislature warm up

Finally! Something to talk about!

The MJS is reporting a bill is on the fast track to limit the Wisconsin Secretary of State’s power.

Here’s the bill.

I think it’s cute the MJS used this line:

In a statehouse and city still swaddled in fog after a January thunderstorm, senators are expected to meet and approve the bill later in the morning.

I talk about the Groundhog Day snowstorm before Act 10 in the book.

This is done. As well it should be. I’ve argued before that it was ridiculous to assume the Secretary of State was to have de facto veto power over legislation passed by both houses and signed by the governor.


  1. There are reports that Secretary of State Doug La Follette has finally come to terms with his irrelevance and will instead run for State Treasurer in 2014. Which works out pretty well for him because he can still wear those Birkenstocks to work.