The fake argument about redistricting Wisconsin

The man has done it again. Sam Hagedorn writes:

…they won and had the opportunity to redraw the two districts that were predominately Latino.

So how did they do? In an Assembly District 9 Josh Zepnick was put into office with 781 votes. Jocasta Zamarripa won her District 8 primary with 599 votes. Neither candidate had a general election opponent. Keep in mind that each district has 50,000 people.

He gives a drawing of the districts and completes the argument well.

Less than 1,000 votes in each new district for the primary, neither one has an opponent in the general. And they still are causing taxpayer dollars to be spent to further their cause.

My opinion? Such waste is a reason to discriminate. Whatever that group wants in the future, they have lost a ton of credibility with this battle.