Watch this

That’s an order. And then towards the end, watch President Obama look like he wants to puke.


  1. I’ve been aware of Dr. Carlson for quite a few years. He’s always had an amazing story. Try the movie “Gifted Hands” for more info. It’s too bad the best messages are often overlooked for reality TV.

  2. If Condi doesn’t run in 2016, Carson’s got my vote.

  3. This is the definition of “truth to power”.

  4. Dr. Carson needs to be on the lookout for drones.

  5. Tonight, we will witness the Obamanation of Desolation, where Barry will declare himself Constitution.

    First guns, now the internets.

  6. Then I’m guessing you’re voting for Dr. Carson, Ryan, since I can’t envision a scenario in which Condi runs. Don’t get me wrong; I happen to think she’d be a great candidate as well. But the all smoke, no fire right wing of the GOP won’t find her sufficiently conservative. Plus, she’s an academic, which puts her squarely in the camp of intellectuals that the old-school GOP valued but the new-school GOP shuns as a matter of its faux-populist principle.

    A pro-choice (by right-wing standards) African-American academic with a doctorate and a background in classical piano who supports civil unions for LGBT couples and whose background is primarily in foreign policy? That’s darn near *my* perfect candidate, and I’m pretty sure the GOP won’t be nominating my perfect candidate anytime soon.

  7. There’s also the issue that she’s never actually run for any office in her life, if I’m not mistaken.

    So yeah, it is doubtful. But a lot of people said Romney would never be nominated because he was once pro-choice and supports gay rights on many issues (though not marriage) and passed a plan that used some of the same models as Obamacare and the right wing of the party wouldn’t tolerate those things. But conservatives also want to win.

    If Condi does somehow run and Christie somehow doesn’t and you get a field like Condi, Rand Paul, Rubio, Jeb, Jindal, and Perry, it might just work out that the more hard-right vote splits and Condi starts leading some polls and people hear her speak and think “wow, she is SO electable… its been awhile since we’ve won…. hmmm….”

  8. Yeah, I’d certainly consider your rough outline the only likely scenario – Condi hangs around and benefits from lots of disorganized vote-splitting among the right wing of the base.

    But isn’t that the model that yielded John McCain and Mitt Romney? I sometimes wonder if, in terms of the GOP, it doesn’t have to find some internal cohesion if it wants to compete in a national race. This whole concept of dead-end right-wingers loudly harping on the potential nominee for two years in advance of his inevitable nomination seems a poor recipe for electoral success.

    I think reality-oriented conservatives want to win and I think they understand the compromises that may be necessary in order to do so. But a lot of the GOP base still thinks they can win with a true believer, something they can still cling to because their colossal disorganization in primaries precludes them from ever seeing “their” candidate get dismantled Mondale-style. Does any sane individual think Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain would’ve done better than Mitt Romney?

  9. Fine. I’ll run. 🙂

  10. “But isn’t that the model that yielded John McCain and Mitt Romney?”

    Yes, but Obama is a once-in-a-generation political figurehead and Condi (or whomever) wouldn’t have to run against him.

    McCain and Romney both could have beaten a Gore or Kerry IMO. If Hillary doesn’t run or is so disgraced in the next few years that her brand fades, the Dems are in big trouble. Joe Biden was crazy at 44… are we going to elect him as president at age 74? Who else do they have? Elizabeth Warren? Martin O’Malley? Andrew Cuomo? Seriously????

    That’s the thing to remember. Yes, Perry-Obama would have been a bloodbath, but Rick Perry-Elizabeth Warren race wouldn’t be a rout in either direction. It would be a genuine opportunity for an independent to run and win, but I don’t think we are so far gone that 60% of America is going to vote for Warren for dog catcher, let alone president.