To read Wednesday, February 13

Hey, I might was well do it, too!

–Take a moment to read a favorite of mine, Keith Hennessey, as he rips on a rise in minimum wage. (I love reading him. My head nods in affirmation and I always smile with the delight that someone as clever and articulate as he is sharing his wisdom.)

–Here’s text for last night’s State of the Union. (I didn’t watch it. I probably won’t read it all the way through – only search for components I think are important. POTUS: “Blah blah, I’m out of here in four years as a very rich man, blah.”)

Yosamite tells me they were talking gun control in a local news special recently. (I’m going to have to look into that more carefully given that was the subject of Sunday night’s Detente dinner.)

According to RightWisconsin there will soon be screaming and moaning and gnashing of teeth as Governor Scott Walker will use the words “change” and “BadgerCare” in the same sentence. (Don’t expect a pros and cons argument from that site. Just know it’s coming. And catch the grand opportunity to Blame Jim Doyle.)

–Finally, read this story on ethanol plants shutting down across the country. (Then kindly recall those are taxpayer investments going belly up because stupid lawmakers think any subsidy is always a win/win.)

(PS I’m running away. Please don’t trash the blog while I’m gone for a few days.)


  1. Randy in Richmond says:
  2. Guilty as charged, but having great fun.