I’ll take- “Any Publicity I can get for $2000”, Alex

Over the past years there have been few things I have felt I could listen to, watch, click on, or participate in that are essentially politically neutral. But there has always been that one hour each evening when I could decompress and direct my brain activity to neutral, innocent endeavors — The Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy game show hour.

But alas, apparently no more is even this option available. Yes, on a recent airing Jeopardy included a category entitled “The Future”, which was introduced and hosted by none other than Al Gore. And the name of his newly released book — you guessed it — “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change”.

Al Gore did receive a degree from Harvard. His one degree was in Government.

I notified the Jeopardy program of my displeasure with their decision to promote Gore and his book while suggesting to them that an equivalent airing would be to invite Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) to introduce and provide answers (clues) to surgery and medically related issues. He would be as equally qualified on that topic as Gore was on his.

Hopefully this little one hour segment of my life will return to political neutrality that I and others can escape into, viewing contestants risking “true daily doubles” and ‘buying vowels’.