I’d like to have something to talk about

But I don’t. Nada. Zip. Zilch. (Oooh. Good z words. I have been playing way too much Words with Friends this winter.)

Sequester? Yes. But back babble from The Hill says they’ll move to mitigate the plan as written a day or two after it comes to be. I’m not sure why. Maybe they are bored and need a hobby.

Scott Walker? Still the Governor of Wisconsin. But unlike two years ago, no fireworks. I think I became desensitized to liberal whining about Walker, and now that no one is talking about him I’m kind of having withdrawals.

I do think we’ll see something from the man in a day or two, though, as Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal has been very public in saying President Obama is deliberately trying to scare the public.

Ya think? What a bunch of hooey. (Whoa. Spellcheck didn’t yell at that so I’ll let it stand.) BO’s promising everything from longer lines at TSA checkpoints to border security woes. Notice how none of his threats affect the priorities of his base? I think that’s the dirty little secret. He wants you to panic. Call his bluff.

Until it means there are NOT new iPhones for all, I’m fine with it. Go ahead. Deliberately cut the core and leave the fluff. We need more people studying goldfish to enhance democracy. (That was sarcasm. Sarcasm still happens.)

I went to the gun range again today. I have a favorite. A 38 Special revolver with which I am most accurate. I did take the time to shoot with bigger calibers. I think I need to move past my comfort zone before I choose a gun.

There are two very pretty targets in the back of my car right now. State Senator Leah Vukmir told me the other day that in West Allis folks post their latest targets to their front doors. Yeah. That would be fun. I live in a cul-de-sac, though, so no one would see it.

You all take care. I hope you and everyone you know are home safely and soon. It’s nasty out there.