I’m home.

I’ll be a grown up and post something tomorrow. No sense letting a good blog die.


  1. Mr. Bean says:

    Please write about how Michelle Obama is becoming a popular media icon, and America’s favorite first lady – ever. It just thrills my heart to see her on TV every other day.

  2. Ok. Thanks. I was kind of stuck at where to start.

  3. Cindy, please, don’t do that..

  4. Why not?

  5. J. Strupp says:

    Not sure about your TV, Bean, but mine has all kinds of different channels.

  6. Well, it’s going to wait. Something else is on my mind. Might as well get it out.

  7. Mr. Bean says:

    @J. Strupp. She’s on all kinds of different channels. And I’m lovin it!