John Doe is dead

(I can’t help but sing this favorite from Oklahoma. Indulge me!)

Anyway – the John Doe investigation Scott Walker insists he started is now over. There were a few caught in the snares of the years of work, but not Governor Walker. To be honest, I’m surprised he wasn’t implicated. I thought either the evidence or the political quest would find a way to make Wisconsin politics interesting again!

There are a number of things I heard that never satisfactorily resolved for me. For one, what about those locked dumpsters in the county parking garage?

I guess the bigger question remains: are we kind of nuts to think that politicians don’t campaign on taxpayer money? In my mind, nearly every phone call that is answered is a campaign of sorts. But as Dean in Waukesha wrote on

“[A]re we kind of nuts to think that politicians don’t campaign on taxpayer money?” Yes. Should we let them? No.

There were unintended casualties from the investigation. No, I’m not talking about ex-Walker staffers. Let’s have some fun with the fact that Wisconsin Democratic spox Graeme Zielinski went on a Twitter bender and found himself with his fingers taped into mitts over the vitriol. He compared Scott Walker to Jeffrey Dahmer. It was a decidedly uncool thing to do. And while Mr. Z is forever barred from speaking for the party, he is still employed according to various reports. The guy must be some kind of political savant for the party to keep him after all the interesting things he’s managed over the years. I suspect in actuality there’s a contract Dems don’t want to buy out, and Mr. Z will be sorting paper clips for a few months until he can be separated without consequence.

One thing I didn’t understand from the few days of following his actions: When I went to retweet his apology, it wasn’t allowed. I was locked out somehow. (I did live through the disappointment.)

The MacIver Institute wrote today about being shut out of an open records request. I’ve done a few of those. This wasn’t a denial as the MacIver group insists. The record they want simply doesn’t exist. What do they want? The DA’s office to make something up?

Open records requests are tricky business. If the group really wants to estimate the cost, figure out which employees worked on the issue, assume it consumed the employee’s workload, and estimate it based on the yearly cost of the employee. (Notice I didn’t use salary.)

The jewel of a statement MacIver picked up from their request of the DA’s office is this:

“State and county employees in the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office do not keep time records for work done on a particular investigation or prosecution.”

After all, it’s only taxpayer money. Why do you need to know how it’s spent?

In summary, and as is becoming usual, the score is added as one for Governor Scott Walker. If you really want to think about it, the outcome is more than a neutral loss for Wisconsin unions in that they didn’t gain the point, it actually cost them in terms of public relations and morale.

You have to wonder if the opportunity might exist to finish the job when it comes to unions in Wisconsin. The more quiet Scott Walker remains on his plans for the state, the more I expect something spectacular in our future.

But then, maybe I’m just a junkie.


  1. ProgressiveConservative says:

    I’m kinda surprised, also, that there were no further charges – though not unpleasantly surprised. The fact that Walker was copied on e-mails which served as a basis for criminal charges already filed seemed like a danger zone for him. After all, didn’t the defense for Reindfleisch say as much in court?

  2. Tax Hell says:

    It’s called dodging a bullet. for a reason. His underlings took the hit and are paying the price for their loyalty. I just can’t wait until Scooter opts to run for the White House in 2016 and the ghosts come out to play. Let’s see…47 rapes at the county mental health complex under his lead. Fired union security at county courthouse and hired private firm(which Shriff Clarke punked last week). Questionable college resume at MU. I could on but but you get the picture. Run Scott, run.

  3. Mr. Hell. You haven’t read my book, have you?

  4. “You haven’t read my book, have you?”

    Well, considering you have all of four customer reviews on Amazon, I’d say it’s safe to assume that just about everyone hasn’t read your book. Here’s an inscription for your tombstone:

    …………Here Lies Cindy Kilkenny………..
    She Wrote The Book That Nobody Read

  5. “Nobody” is inaccurate, but I suspect accuracy isn’t really much of a concern for you.

    The reason I asked Mr. Hell is that many of his notations are explained in the book. I am thorough enough in my research on Walker to include even Walker’s less attractive moments. It still hacks off a ton a R’s in this state, but it needed to be done.

    You remind me of one very unpleasant local alderman who stalked me for years. He constantly chided me for losing a mayoral race. But, you see, I actually ran for mayor. In the spirit of that memory, I’ll ask you what book you’ve written. I’d be pleased to read it.