Michelle Antoinette plans 50th birthday bash with Adele, Beyonce

Of course you can’t see the White House because American can’t afford it, but come January, we’re gonna have a bash for Her Highness!


January 17th. I guess Ms. Antoinette is planning ahead. I’m considering a trip in protest.

I had my 50th on the back deck with four fabulous friends and a chocolate cheesecake. It was amazing. Too bad our First Lady doesn’t celebrate with the same class as taxpayers.


  1. I hope Beyonce lip syncs.

  2. “Too bad our First Lady doesn’t celebrate with the same class as taxpayers.”

    Um, I believe the First Lady is a taxpayer.

    Menopausal bitch.

  3. No, actually I’m not menopausal. The bitch part is your prerogative, I suppose. Unless you were calling the First Lady a menopausal bitch. I wouldn’t know about either in her case.

    And you know what, I like that perspective. I’ll call and see if Adele is available for my 51st in July.

  4. BeyoncĂ© is friends with the First Lady. Adele waived her fee. And by all accounts, the Obamas are paying the expenses since it’s a private party.

    So really, why the heck do you care how she celebrates, other than to grind that old, tired axe? Is it Michelle’s fault that by virtue of her position in society that she probably has higher profile friends than either you or I?

  5. You are offering information I didn’t previously have. Adele waived her fee. Can you show me the link?

    By virtue of her position she should have people working for her that would tell her this isn’t going to play well to the public. She can party all she wants out of the public’s eye, but when she’s waving like the queen, she’s fair game.

  6. I wonder how many pairs of shoes Michelle Obama has in her closet?