Transporting money across budget lines

Ok, I’m working from a fuzzy Monday morning I-haven’t-had-enough-coffee point here, but I think this is the correlation I’ve made:

Blogging Blue wrote this article about Governor’s Scott Walker needing to borrow money for the budget. The Blogging Blue piece quotes this MJS article.

Neither piece of journoflop reminds folks that the reason “the state’s sagging transportation fund” needs to “shore up” is because former Governor Jim Doyle raided the transportation fund to a tune of $1.8 billion. The MJS article doesn’t even use Doyle’s name.

From the Lakeland Times:

All totaled, since 2003, along with the raids on the transportation budget, the state has diverted more than $1.8 billion from segregated accounts, according to a July 15, 2009, Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo.

No, as the Lakeland Times article explains, Republicans are not blameless. But to fail to mention Doyle’s Frankenveto ways in order to siphon dollars off the very fund that now much be restored? Well that’s disingenuous.

Wisconsin, if we are to ever make things better, we need a long memory. We need to cut through the spin so masterfully dictated by either side.

We need to think for ourselves.