I’m back.

It was wonderful. Really, incredibly, truly wonderful. It doesn’t look like things imploded in Wisconsin while I was gone. Is it possible the world would go on without me?

There is a lot to tell you about the trip. It’ll wait.

I didn’t like the changes I made to the blog. We’re back to the old version.

I need to do a book update. That’s an embarrassing story some of you will enjoy, but a few of you will cringe along with me. What are friends for after all?

Governor Scott Walker is in China. Judging by how many days he spends out of the state, you’d think he was a flighty housewife instead our elected Governor making good money. (I strongly argue I want a governor, not a presidential candidate. There is a lot to do here still.)

Oh, and I now possess coffee that causes heart palpitations, so I kind of need to go deal with that now. There’s going to be a strict one-cup limit until the several bags the spouse brought home are consumed.

Happy Monday.