Dear Governor Walker: Were your ears burning?

A very, very conservative and spectacularly hard-working Republican woman I know and I were talking about you today. We agreed on something.

You are noticeably hacking off your base in this state. The Republican core is tired of your running for President already. They are even starting to talk that they won’t support your re-election if you keep finding reasons to be out of the state.

No, I’m not making this up.

Furthermore, they (the whispering Republican base) are worried that your lack of conviction to your assigned leadership role is leaving a huge opening for a Democrat swoop in Wisconsin.

Finally, this woman hoped your father would sit you down and remind you that you’ve been given a remarkable gift by being chosen to lead this state, and if you don’t pull it together soon you will have squandered all that you’ve been entrusted to manage.

Grow up. Be a governor. Your ambition was cute at seven when you skipped down the sidewalk to raise money for the Jesus U.S.A. club. Right now it’s ticking everyone off.

And like it or not, sir, you are going to need us.


  1. If people start comparing the Guv to the POTUS in constant campaign style mode, Walker will lose support, and those who voted for him may even turn against him. You think Reince Priebus directs the activity?

  2. Nah, I think Walker has hired much bigger fish for this next round.

    I still want a governor. We have work to do!

  3. Simon Blue says:

    Cindy, you are right. I’ve heard Dick Cheney will be heading up the vice presidential selection committee for Governor Walker. Not sure how that will turn out.

  4. Madison Native says:

    I’m already networking steadily to uproot Scott Walker from the ‘people’s mansion’. The only worthwhile result Walker’s accomplished is to create activism by people who had never considered political involvement – myself included. This has become the fight of our lives.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    I’m with you Cindy, we need a governor. I get the uneasy feeling the conservative majority and the governor’s mansion are no sure thing in 2014.

    And, maybe it’s just me, I like Walker but I don’t think he has any chance at being elected President much less winning the nomination.

  6. Walker hasn’t equited himself well as Govenor. In fact, I would label him an embarassment, akin to Sen. Ron Johnson.

    When a landslide majority of the public would opt for background checks for gun purchases, to preclude the dangerously mentally ill from gun ownership, and somehow, that is an infringement on the Second Amendment, according to Sen. Johnson, I would state he is delusional.

    (We do have speed limits for driving on highways; no one worries that these regulations might result in the Federal Government deciding no one may drive.)

  7. Bill Kurtz says:

    FWIW, a lifelong conservative friend of mine told me recently he is unhappy with how he feels Walker is trying to concentrate all power in his hands. If Walker is the presidential candidate, he added, he would vote Lbertarian instead.

  8. C. Mart – a little off topic, don’t you think?

  9. I like Scott Walker enough that he’s the only pol I gave money to. Given that, I can not see him winning a presidential election. And now we know that our underfunded teetering on bankruptcy UW system has a over a $billion surplus. In spite of Act10.

    p.s. C. Mart is not only off topic, he/she’s inaccurate. When I see legislation to ban pressure cookers or limit ball bearing purchases I will reverse my deeply long held belief that the Democratic Party wants unarmed citizens since they are easier to control.

  10. Yes, I guess I’ll get to that money next week. We are fortunate to live in interesting times, folks.