What do the WEDC, UW System, and Food Share have in common?

The answer should be sharp legislators hell-bent against waste.

I don’t have time this week to do much more than rant, but let me make one point very clear to those legislators and staffers who read: If you don’t take the WEDC mess to heart and rail against it with the same fervor that you opted to scathe the UW System, I will work to expose your double standard. Ditto the lap dance legislators are giving the Food Share changes that have to be approved by the feds. (Oh, gee, now there’s a great way to pretend you’ve actually accomplished something.) You elected folks need to remember that you can make decisions without being prompted by the squawker of the week.

It’s ok to pull the entire general fund contribution from the UW System (I keep hearing indeed that will be done) in spite of the Governor’s budget. In fact, let the UW System start buying back some of the property you’ve funded over the years and then let them be fully autonomous. What looks silly is to dock their budgeted amount and then fund the Governor’s request for anything titled economic development. What looks even sillier is to change laws over programs in which you have no influence. (There’s another rant against getting in bed with the federal government lurking underneath this topic, but I don’t have the time to go there today.)

What is it about this Governor and his ability to pick favorites who love to abscond with public funds as quickly as possible. It makes me think of those ball pits the kids played in at McDonalds, only they are filled with taxpayer dollars and the little boys romping through them are Walker appointees.

Keep in mind it’s not even what the state legislators will hand the WEDC, it’s what that ne’er-do-well group of kids can bond. They can run up a debt for this state without anyone really even double checking. I mean, where’s a good CPA caucus when you need one?

Be good parents, legislators. Apply the same rules to all the children. Strangle the WEDC with the same love and enthusiasm you apply to the UW System.

You don’t want to be accused of keeping favorites, after all.


  1. Whisper says:

    I would hope they would treat the WEDC considerably worse than the UW. The UW did not lose 10s of millions of dollars, they did not commit fraud, or break state law. They built a reserve fund that was smaller than their peer institutions and much smaller than any responsible business. Which organization WEDC or the UW has a better chance of actually creating high paying jobs private sector jobs in this state? Which organization brings well over $1 billion in outside money into the Wisconsin economy? Now ask yourself which organization deserves to have more funding and which deserves a fiscal slap upside the head?

  2. It is a rare occasion I agree with Fairly Conservative, this time I am in complete agreement! Hold them accountable. Unfortunately, 95% of the time, I don’t think our elected official care what the people that elected them think (unless they have donated a sizable amount of money to their war chest). Elected Republicans and Democrats alike need a wake up call as to what their job really is supposed to be and who they are representing. Quit wasting my money.