Walker 3rd behind Ryan, Rubio; the kitchen sink; and announcing…

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is garnering a whopping 16% support for his presumed presidential bid according to the MU poll released today.

His approval rating, however, stands at 51%, an improvement over the last time the question was asked.

I just have to wonder how many others in Wisconsin would be delighted to have a governor. After all, they seem to like him.

Oh, and Walker and Bobby Jindal asked for IRS firings today. We might as well start calling these two the Bobbsey Twins. (It’s entirely possible I really dated myself with that one.)


I realized this afternoon I haven’t been writing much because not much has interested me. Then I realized that there’s plenty going on – especially nationally – but for some reason I’m perfectly content to let it continue without my input.

Here are a few of the things I’ve not told you:

1) A couple of weeks ago I heard Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald speak at a WisOpinion event. (Video) Pretty much everything that takes place in the next few weeks – yes, even that stuff with a breathless “exclusive” before the controlled content – well, it was likely discussed in this afternoon gathering.

>>Pulling back on school choice expansion is in there.
>>Pulling back on the governor’s UW System budget suggestions is in there.
>>I asked about the G.A.B. hearing being postponed.

It’s not a bad way to spend forty minutes if you wonder what’s on the man’s mind.

2) Walker is out of the state a lot these days. Wisconsin Reporter has more about that.

3) The WEDC is one ugly mess. I suspect the budget will run tighter control of the general money, but as I mentioned before, it’s the bonding they can do that’s scary. I think I saw today where there’s a bill up for the committee to choose the chair. Wouldn’t that be a slap to the Governor?

I suppose this is as good a time as any to suggest that what we are watching now that the Governor is galavanting is the jockeying for leadership. S. Fitzgerald wouldn’t rule out a run for higher office (although there is strong speculation Sensenbrenner’s 5th congressional district was recently redrawn to accommodate his home address.) Every Republican legislator seems to want a piece of that pie that’s being ignored. It’s completely inside baseball, but it’s fun to watch.

4) My assembly representative, Dale Kooyenga, looks to be getting all the time he can at a microphone. Here’s the WisEye link for the budget hearing where he talks about the WEDC.

I’m just beginning to know Kooyenga. I think his heart is in the right place, and he certainly seems to be able to add a couple of numbers together and get something close to the right answer, but of all the folks I know, he’s probably going to be most excited about the last topic of this post.

That’s because I’m going to call him on a wee bit of stupidity. You see, the man who jumped in front of a camera for a week or so accelerating the false hysteria of the UW System actually having a reserve fund suggests at 2:52 of that WisEye video that it isn’t very nice of Democrats to jump in front of cameras and politicize the WEDC debacle. Then at 3:11 he invokes his tour in Iraq (of which I am in awe) followed by the idea that the WEDC can’t manage their money because they are “trying really hard.”

To some extent, I get his point. The WEDC is way off mark because they didn’t stick to the lane, which in housewife terms is the equivalent of failing to stick to their knitting. Kooyenga’s comment was brought to my attention by Wisconsin Reporter (yes, again). I promised Kooyenga you’d get full context of his comment. That’s why the link is above.


Your best friends in all that happens in the state are: a) the legislation notification system, b) WisEye.org, and c) Wisconsin Reporter.

Trust me. 🙂


I’ve learned the G.A.B. is front and center next week with a couple of meetings, one on the rules the group has created and one a hearing on legislation to clarify a few voting issues.

I have heard, but heard from an extremely reliable source, that the G.A.B. will likely cease to exist in the near future. To me that is fitting as it’s a new bureaucracy and obviously it was creating more heartache than help. No doubt laws will be put to the books to retire the issues the G.A.B. meddled with the most.


And announcing my retirement.

I know this happens every once in a while. I get bored with the pace or the people or the content (or I get sued and my attorney gives me the evil eye to shut it all down) but I’m out of here. Maybe for a while. Maybe forever.

I don’t even pretend to know for sure.

What I do know is that I’m out of the country again in a couple of weeks, and looking forward to that. I’ll keep the blog up, but shut comments down in a few days. I’ll have the same email if you really need to find me. I may still post occasionally on Patch.

I think what I need most is to not be tied down.

In many ways the blogging started as the children around here needed me less and less. Now that I’m well past that initial empty nest phase, believe it or not, I’m finding plenty to keep me engaged. I’m sewing again. Friends take up a lot of time. And of course, there’s travel. I do love to travel.

No promises that I’ll be stepping up efforts to put forward a travel blog, but it has crossed my mind.

Also, and I’ve kept it somewhat quiet, but the money has been set aside and the selection process has begun to build a new library in Guatemala. It’s very enjoyable work.

Don’t cry for me Wisconsin. I doubt it’s the last you’ll hear of me. I am delighted to know so many of you, and grateful for all you have given me.


  1. Simon Blue says:

    Maybe take a sabbatical. Take a break. You’ve done well. Things will heat up soon.

  2. Sad.