Why I like meteor showers.

I was raised that way. One of my earliest memories (four years old, I think) was my father waking me to see one. It was likely the one we just had.

The weather did not cooperate for this event, but I planned ahead and went out Saturday night instead of waiting for Sunday or Monday, which were stated as the peak. I was rewarded for my effort. I’m smiling now just thinking of it.

I’m headed to Door County this weekend. Hopefully I’ll catch up on some stargazing there. I’ve always loved the sky and used to be quite good at managing the constellations by memory. Now I just sit and stare. It rekindles a sense of perspective to feel that insignificant for a couple of hours.

Up this week:

A little about how I spent my summer vacation.

Several angles on campaign finance.

Race and intelligence, including an update on Guatemala.

But first yoga. Because it has been so long I’ve probably forgotten how to unroll my mat.