Chris Taylor, ALEC, and her campaign finance reports

Democrat Chris Taylor has made quite a name for herself since joining the Wisconsin Assembly. She currently represents the 76th district comprising parts of Madison.

While Taylor reminds me a lot of someone I know – female, smart, not afraid to say what’s on her mind – I will say she could stand to narrow her message a bit. Her work in the month of August was ALEC. But it lacked punch.

I am all for opposition research. I think politicians do far too little of it when crafting an argument. But craft the argument, darn it. Don’t rely on talking points. And we get a lot of those in Taylor’s account of the ALEC conference.

I wore my most conservative outfit and did my best Michele Bachmann impersonation.

special interests and big corporations

I got a close up view, while literally traveling through space with individuals who were in a completely different orbit.

No, Chris. Democrats and Republicans are supposed to coexist, remember? Can’t say your work there does much to encourage such spirit. By the second installation I gleaned the core of Taylor’s reason for attending.

But progressives need to build an infrastructure that will allow us to seize the opportunity, in Wisconsin and in states throughout the nation, to be ready to pass policies that are beneficial to most people’s lives.

Taylor wants an ALEC of her very own. And you know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if Wisconsin lost this legislator to a left-sided version of that same model some day soon. Talent like Taylor’s won’t sit as second fiddle for long.

The money.

While she shelled out some for ALEC’s conference costs and hotels, and I’d expect to see that on her next filing, there’s not a lot in her reports for comment. She hired a campaign consultant. She uses Dem software. She took in more than she spent for the last report. There were no expenses for mileage or coffee or gasoline or internet or cell phones. She fed volunteers pizza a couple of times. The thing is squeaky clean. In fact, it looked like the past few were.

For this report: Total receipts – $9,155.65; Total expenses – $3,943.07. Ending balance – $22,875.46.