A quick note about Common Core in Wisconsin

I know no one really listens to me, but if you are concerned about the concept of Common Core curriculum in Wisconsin, consider it this time.

Your local school board is your best way to spend your time asserting influence on this issue.

I was chatting with an old school board member this afternoon and she reminded me that Wisconsin is different. While other states have school boards who do little more than hand out participation certificates, the school boards in Wisconsin have plenty of power, including the power to individually select curriculum. Period.

Don’t let them shirk their responsibility to students by adopting a preconceived standard. Hold their feet to the fire and make them work for area students. If you think Common Core cheapens an education, make certain they know why.

I argue all the time your local vote is your most important vote. I’ll add school board to that list of places you could influence quite easily. In fact, you could run. About December almost every board will have a seat open the next April. Sometimes the seats are restricted by address, but sometimes they are area-wide. If Common Core is a real hot button for you, next April’s election is a great time to prove yourself.

Finally, I’d like for a few folks to consider this reality: If Common Core turns out to be lousy, but MPS adopts the protocol and the private schools do not, expect the line for educational vouchers to be even longer than before.

Update: Here’s an article that explains more.

“Yes. In Wisconsin, each school board has the statutory authority to adopt the state standards or any other set of standards, inferior or superior. This is called local control. When applied to schools, local control means that decisions about standards, curriculum and instruction are made at the local level. School districts must have standards. The type, quality and scope of those standards are left to local school boards to decide. This has always been the case in Wisconsin, and this has not changed as a result of Wisconsin adopting Common Core state standards.”


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