Brookfield’s 2014 Mayoral race

Jeff Speaker is running again.

Imagine that! Steve Ponto only bested Speaker by 250 votes or so in 2010. Ponto has a heck of a hill to climb with the upcoming quarry-turned-dump issue on the city’s east side.

Pass the popcorn. We’re in for some fun.

Now, if a close-to-retirement mayor wanted to secure four more years in his special position, I think he’d be wise to lead the Common Council to reduce the position to part-time in the next few months. (It would need to be done by December, I think, when forms go out for the next nominations.) Brookfield doesn’t need a full-time mayor. (Although we could seriously use some leadership.) Heck, Ponto could even write the ticket to still include the benefits he’s so fond of keeping.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure Jeff Speaker has been working as a mall cop at Brookfield Square Mall. Because every community needs a mall cop for a mayor.

One last tease: I’m hearing of a potential third candidate that will tickle your funny bone.

Because of all things local politics can be, boring is rarely one of them.


  1. Great hearing that Jeff is running. Looking forward to him serving Brookfield again as Strong Mayor. Best news I’ve heard all day.

  2. D Stevenson says:

    I’m guessing Schellinger is the third? LOL. There’s possibly a fourth under the radar candidate. He’s… Interesting… But in a not a bad way per se. I think a young energetic mayor might be of note. Tired of the Speaker/Ponto soap opera.

  3. Hey, no! Schellinger isn’t running! I had heard it might be Meg Wartman.

    The City of Brookfield website says it’s only Ponto and Speaker. So that drama is over.

  4. Just what we need- Speaker and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns act. It really is Mayors Against Guns. Bloomberg jr.

  5. While as far as I know Speaker is not a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and is not on their website, I guess what Perry really wants is a Mayor in Favor of Illegal Guns.

  6. Richard,
    Please follow this URL
    Mr. Speaker”s name appears on this open letter to the Senate. He may not be an active member now, since he is no longer mayor, but he was a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns when he was mayor. I want a Mayor who has respect for legal gun owners. MAIG is nothing buta thinly disguised gun grab.