Milwaukee: Local like a tourist

If I ever really did a travel blog, one of the categories I’d enjoy was something like this post title: how to see Milwaukee like a tourist. Think about it. A lot of us are happy to spend our money headed to a different city, pay for tickets to music venues and plays, eat out at restaurants. Why not do that at home?

We did this weekend. First was opening night at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. What made this evening special (in addition to the great company of a girlfriend) was the surprise the group opens their season with the Star Spangled Banner. That’s right. The symphony and the audience leap out of their seats and belt out an old-fashioned, properly timed version of our national anthem. It felt like a tent revival. The performance was, of course, excellent. And with a flex pass I ended up with tickets on J at 23 and 24. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Sunday the spouse and I went to see Grey Gardens by Off the Wall Theatre. The space is very intimate, almost painfully so given the emotional breadth of this musical, and the performances were spot on. The company will be presenting The Divine Sister next. I saw it off off Broadway right before the play’s big break a few years ago. It is dynamite. If you were a fan of The Book of Mormon, you won’t want to miss it.

Andreas Delfs, the MSO conductor, made a good point at intermission last Friday. Milwaukee remains a standout city because of our support for the arts. Oh, the city has a long way to go in a couple of other areas, but you will never want for something to do here. Try your best to take advantage of it all.