Parramos, Guatemala – library update

I am so excited! In fact, last night when I put this to Facebook I realized that I was so excited I’d used the word three times.

Life is full of stupid stuff. I have to say it’s fantastic to be a part of something so wonderful. For those of you new to the subject, our family donated a bit to help a foundation called Riecken build another library in their network. Some of you have even helped! Well, the process is well underway in Parramos.

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This photo is of the signing ceremony. The ceremony – a part of the Riecken process that ensures the politicians are aligned with the community who is trained and ready to implement the library – was obviously well attended. Just look at all those children who might walk in, might pick up a book, might find a way to push past the poverty. If even one is influenced enough to move forward it will be worth it.

signing ceremony

Click here to read a two page report on the library’s location and progress. I promise it will be the most pleasant thing you read all day.


  1. Really great! Thanks! Great to read positive, productive news, for a change.