On liberty and labels

This started as a Twitter rant this afternoon, but I’ve been meaning to say it for a long time.

Let me mess with your head. The Tea Party – fighting for liberty and equality – are liberals by definition. Dems have corrupted the term….

This was a central theme in my discussions with The Professor in July. He was convinced I was really a Democrat as I am a liberal by traditional definition. After all, I believe in “free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free trade, and private property.” I left reminding him that I will gladly be called a liberal, but I am a Republican, not a Democrat.

Also, think of you favorite organic lover trying to convert you to “free trade” coffee but still damning capitalism.

Back to the concept of free and fair trade. The organic crowd thinks they invented it? Fair trade is capitalism. When they hark on fair trade, they are advocating capitalism. How fantastic for their conviction! But how sad they don’t understand what they proffer.

No wonder we’re a mess. We can’t keep the words to the true meanings. How are we to have a conversation?

This is the crux of our national problem right now. Terms have been diluted in our collective fear of political correctness that they mean nothing. Every word is grey by definition.

Democrats, with their unwillingness to change, are the actual conservatives. Just like when they refused to end slavery.

That’s right. Democrats voted against the Republican plan to abolish slavery.

Democrats, with their unwillingness to change, are the actual conservatives. Just like when they denounced the civil rights changes.

The most heated opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights bill came from Southern DEMOCRATS. In fact, they filibustered.

It’s absolutely nuts that black Americans support the Democratic party when Democrats refused black Americans freedom and equal rights.

In fact, by enslaving black Americans to handouts and damning the group as a workforce, Democrats continue to enslave black Americans.

Think that through. Will the enormous volume of government handouts pull folks out of poverty or simply relabel them slaves to the system who commands them?

That is the message the GOP should carry to America. That just like every other time in American history, Dems want slavery over freedom.

Dang it, it’s time for the GOP to get serious about commanding a message. While they are at it, remind the immigrants who want in on the game it is just to make more Dem slaves.

Ok, I’m done. I’ll go do dishes now.

(Um, didn’t happen. I wrote this instead.)


  1. One of the very cool things about the Bible is that God used original names of places so that conversations about them couldn’t be co-opted.

    I’m in this “discussion” right now on a political chat group I belong to. The Dems have done a great job of stealing the best terms and ideas once the Republicans have done all the work.

  2. J. Strupp says:

    Hey welcome back Cindy.

    You might want to add that most of the southern Democrats who voted against the CRA eventually lost control of the party to newly elected northern liberals following Watergate. Many Southern Democrats defected to the GOP including, Strom Thurmond. So I disagree that Democrats are unwilling to change.

    The question today is whether or not your party has the fortitude to get control of the problematic group currently destroying your party from within. Doesn’t look good.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Isn’t it funny. When Democrats squabble or disagree it’s democracy at work or it illustrates the diversity of the party. When it’s Republicans who do the same it’s destoying the party. Thank God Democrats were willing to change or we wouldn’t have experienced Ronald Reagan as a Republican President or governor.