Get yourself to

And laugh along with the rest of us.

Burke announced her 2014 gubernatorial candidacy this morning. Woo hoo and all that. And within moments the Republican Part of Wisconsin launched

That’s right. The Republican Party of Wisconsin owns the domain name It seems they have since 2002.

We are currently in the midst of a federal government pile of crap thanks to a remarkable lack of forethought and very inconsistent leadership. Do we really want that for Wisconsin?

You’ve got to be pretty goofy to contemplate a gubernatorial run over the last few years and not buy your own name as a domain. It appears the best reason to vote against Mary Burke for governor is simply that she’s stupid.

(Hey bloggers. Write a post with that link on your sites. It needs to start hitting the search engines.)


  1. Dan Boudewyns says:

    Another example of the dirty tricks of the GOP
    . Frankly, if I were on your team, I would be worried that something this transparently nasty and juvenile would backfire.

  2. Jeff, it’s cute the way you have to link your friend Capper’s stuff from my blog to get him any traffic. 😉

  3. You say you are worried about nasty and juvenile, Dan? What did you have to say about Graeme Zielinski?

  4. Cappers stuff? what are you talking about?

    David. Graeme got fired when is the last time that happened to anyone on the right?

  5. Dan Boudewyns says:

    I think David is missing my point.In hijacking the sight, the Republicans may be perceived as deliberately confusing and misleading voters. It may not playwell for you. GZ has nothing to do with it.

  6. The GOP is so flush with money that they can buy up the domain names of anyone who might run against them in 10-12 years?

    Wow. I knew they had deeep pockets, but this shows how deep they really go…..

  7. Wilson828 says:

    I’ve been away too long …. rofl… I loved your post… so refreshingly blunt and direct… I truly laughed aloud … lol…

    Anyway…. while I enjoyed the posting … I didn’t enjoy the …. that’s all the GOP has these days is bashing the lib’s… how about debating the issues… but that aside the next election belongs to Walker no matter what… and no matter who … after that .. who knows…

    You know the current polls show that most American’s blame this budget stall on the GOP and not Obama? And the financial impact is highly negative with markets down today … and plenty of people suffering… all for showmanship… the GOP has nothing and no one going for it… they lacked any real candidates in the last two elections and no one is in sight for the next one either…. we need leadership not parrots mimicking Reagan all the time…

    I have a lot to bitch about. And I’m tired of the same old song by the GOP … they act like Liberals are monsters… they have an opinion and a platform and do and say what lib’s do and say. They are American’s too. The GOP propagandists (especially local) just spew hate towards lib’s… that’s it. I suppose it wouldn’t be entertaining to do otherwise would it? Trouble is American keeps re-electing these monster lib’s … uh… figure that.

    (I miss W… I really do)

    There ya go…. me waving hi at ‘ya …. lol

  8. Oh my gosh! It’s a blog again! Hello Wilson828. And Jeff, I guess that was your post on Capper’s blog. *blush* I didn’t click so I didn’t know.

  9. Mary Burke not buying her namesake website is less dumb, than John Boehner allowing himself into a corner, where he’s beholden to the Tea Party agenda, which, um, isn’t all that popular.

    Governor Walker has many national, Big Business sponsors, but he too is very close to the Tea Party; these interests are not those of most Wisconsinites.
    Also, his avowed primary agenda to create jobs has failed; regardless of WMC ads, we’re at best, 34th in job creation; not so good, when that’s your stated primary objective.

  10. The people railing against the evil 1% who ship jobs overseas to enrich their greed have chosen one of them to run against Walker? Laughing my arse off over the hypocritical left.

    Not securing your namesake URL??? Epic Fail!