An update on the Brookfield quarry

Or dump. Or clean landfill disposal site. Or whatever you want to call it – because I don’t much care as it isn’t my backyard and the last thing we ever do in Brookfield is care about something that isn’t in our own backyard.

But a letter from the Mayor popped up on explaining why he’s right, he’s doing it anyway, and gosh darn it you are lucky to have his leadership.

Oh, and thanks to Act 10 and property values rebounding a bit, tax INCREASES won’t be bad at all this year.

No doubt such a communication as the quarry news has former Mayor Jeff Speaker doing that happy clapping thing. Well, as soon as someone reads it to him. You might recall he’s running again next April.

Even more fun to watch will be that gal who is rumored to be considering the job. Her husband looks here everyday to see if I’ve revealed her name yet. My only advice to her is that should she decide to go for it she should slap Duck tape across the mouth of that son-of-a-bitch husband she’s got as soon as possible. Or maybe before.

I still think this community made a really big mistake a few years ago. But, thanks to some really great friends, I’m more convinced than ever that Mayor was the best thing that never happened to me.