Mike Tate plays with Scott Walker

Oh, you get to take that any way you choose.

For those uninitiated, Mike Tate is the head if the Democrats in Wisconsin. Scott Walker is Wisconsin’s Governor.

This email went out:


Friend —

Some reporters got their hands on an advance copy of Scott Walker’s forthcoming autobiography titled “Unintimidated.”

While also laying out Walker’s path to the presidency, the tome is apparently full of revisionist history about how Scott Walker eliminated a $3.6 billion deficit (we still have a deficit) and “had no choice” but to destroy workers rights.

You’ll have to wait until November to check out the whole thing, but we were able to get our hands on a sneak peek of a lost chapter that didn’t make its way into the final book: “How to Raise Property Taxes But Tell People it’s a Tax Cut.”

Click here to chip in $10 or whatever you can and read the lost chapter.

I’ll hand it to him; Scott Walker is a master of spin. By now, he’s repeated his lies so often that I bet even he believes they’re true.

But what really matters is what the people believe. And the latest polling shows that Wisconsin voters are coming to understand that Scott Walker has been a failure at jobs, dropping us down to 45th in the nation in job growth prospects, and has managed to slash spending for education and healthcare while also blowing up our deficit with record levels of debt.

So help us keep exposing the truth about Scott Walker’s record. We want to make sure the lost chapter we found is the last chapter in the book of Scott Walker’s political career. Chip in $10 or more today and read the lost chapter:




P.S. You really don’t want to miss the lost chapter. It’s good stuff. Read it here.


I’ve left out the links. If you really want to read a manufactured version of “Scott Walker sucks” you can search it out and find it yourself.

I love politics. And the spouse. He sent me the email. 😉